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Interview: Chris Null and Sean Friday of Dead Sara

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Photo by Paul A. Hebert/ recently caught up with Chris Null and Sean Friday of Dead Sara in the Viper Room after the band’s electric performance at the Sunset Strip Music Festival to talk about the quartet’s busy summer and what’s coming up for the band in the near future. Be sure to catch them on tour with The Offspring and Neon Trees starting at the end of August.

You guys were out there in sweltering heat, but your show was as energized as ever, how was it out there?

Great, it was a good show, it was awesome.

Did the delay have any effect on you guys, the show started about 45 minutes late with the barricade issue.

Nah, they didn’t cut our set time or anything, it wasn’t crazy or anything like that, once we got going, the crowd was great.

You’re here playing with some legendary groups and The Doors are being honored, what’s it like playing the Sunset Strip as opposed to the craziness of Warped Tour the past few months?

It’s a huge difference, obviously the stage is much bigger, crowd is much bigger. With the Warped Tour it blends together, you see the same stuff every day in a new city, it’s not quite as high profile as this. It’s a great tour, there’s a sense of camaraderie, a punk/rock ethic with that tour, which is pretty awesome.

It seems like this venue would fit your music style a bit more.

Sure, yeah. The Warped Tour is varied, there’s punk groups, reggae, rock, hip-hop, all that. We love being able to perform with some high-profile groups here, it’s amazing.

Well now that you’ve finished up your show, who are you looking forward to seeing for the remainder of the evening?

We’re really looking forward to seeing Bad Religion, I’m a big fan of Brooks Wackerman, the drummer for Bad Religion, so I’d love to watch him play and Manson, looking forward to that, he should be pretty cool.

Tell us a little bit about the background and how Dead Sara got started.

Emily and Siouxsie had the band for a while, they went through a lot of different guys and Sean and I had been in bands together and we had played for a while. Sean started jamming with them, they didn’t have a bass player or a drummer and I asked, I mean we were already friends with Emily and Siouxsie and had played in different shows in the past. Most of what you hear on the record and what you see live really came out of spontaneous jamming and writing and then we’d hit record and find some moments that we liked in it and wrote the song around it. That’s really the simplicity of how we’ve worked together.

It’s been a busy summer for you guys, what’s the plan for the band after SSMF?

We have a few more warmups this month and then we start touring with the Offspring and Neon Trees through the beginning of October.

Your first album is still pretty new, are there any plans on getting in the studio to record another one anytime soon?

I think we’re going to tour this record out probably into next year, we go to the UK at the end of October, early November for Warped Tour UK and some other possible shows and that’s about as far as we’ve gotten, we have some gigs at the end of November and after that, we just have to keep booking.

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