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Interview : Dez Fafara of DevilDriver

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Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara takes time out of his busy touring schedule to discuss with us life on the road, plans for the next DevilDriver record and his view on the current state of the music industry its future. You’re currently on the road along with GOATHWHORE and SUFFOCATION. How has the first few weeks been for DEVILDRIVER?

Dez: Yeah, we’ve been on tour for about a week and a half. Its been killer and everyone is really getting along well. I was lucky to pitch a bunch of good bands since they have all been complimenting each other on their music and hanging out. In this dying economy we’ve had quite the turnout every night so we’re really pleased.

SCMT: What are you looking forward to the most when the tour wraps up here in LA next month?

Dez: I believe this tour wraps up on February 12th at House Of Blues in West Hollywood. I just want everyone to come out who can so we can all hang out and meet!

SCMT: Any plans yet to tour into the summer following your current tour?

Dez: Well after this tour we go do Metal Hammer Festival in March and then we’re doing a new record in April/May and then get right back on touring in June. Look for us to being around the United States between June and September for sure.

SCMT: Anything festival wise or just your own tours?

Dez: We’re not doing Mayhem this year but I’ve been hearing rumors about something else that’s in the works. Keep your ears to the ground for sure.

SCMT: Speaking of the new record, what can the fans of DEVILDRIVER look forwards to?

Dez: We have about 9-10 tunes for it already that are unbelievable. We’re excited about it since we put out a new record about every two years. Our window that’s open is in April during our time off so we decided why not go and make a new record instead of sitting around at home on the couch. We should take advantage of that time before getting right back out on the road.

SCMT: Are you planning on being on the road the entire year?

Dez: Oh yeah most definitely. We’re going to be on the road until the end of 2012 if not early 2013 at this point. We’re having a great time and the band just never gets tired.

SCMT: When do you make time to get together and write new material while the band is out on the road as much as they are?

Dez: I have hundreds of songs that will never see the light of day but when something hits me I’ll sit there and write the lyrics right away in my head. We’ve been writing very proficiently at this point. When things are proficient and prolific at the same time you have makings of an enigmatic record and I think this record is going to be unbelievable.

SCMT: What would you like the next record to do compared to the success that “Pray For Villains” did following its high debut on theĀ Billboard 200?

Dez: Yeah it debuted in the Top 30 which is unbelievable since there wasn’t any drive time or airtime for it. For an underground band to be doing that type of showing just shows that our fans are behind us and we really appreciate that. How is it going to compare? It’s just going to be different since we’ve grown as a band from the beginning and this record is going to be another stretch of our wings.

SCMT: It’s a great sign more than anything for the resurgence that the Metal genre has been showing recently without the backing of radio or TV.

Dez: I think underground art especially takes a shit during the economy much like the depression when people went out to get drinks and see a show. You got things like punk rock, blues and heavy metal that are making not what I would call resurgence but keeping the working class alive right now. We’re spearheading that right now with all these bands that are going on tour with us. by the $20.00 ticket which is amazing since most bands are going out and doubling that for a ticket. We’re absolutely not going to do that and I’d rather have you spending your money on a couple of beers.

SCMT: Did you ever think DEVILDRIVER would come as far as it has following the demise of COAL CHAMBER?

Dez: Yeah its come pretty far in a slow build. After having my own bus in COAL CHAMBER, I got right back into an RV with these guys and played every single show we could for $200 to $500 a night. We just kept constantly on it pushing our music and pushing our live show which is why I called it a build.

SCMT: Where do you see the heavy music genre going within the next year to ten years?

Dez: I don’t know man since I can’t comment on the heavy industry but can comment on underground art. Underground art is always going to be around since that’s how it is. You’re always going to have punk, metal and blues so don’t worry it’s not going anywhere. The labels are going to go the way of the dodo. They aren’t going to be here 3-4 years from now.

SCMT: Who would you say will be the next big bands to breakout of the underground scene?

Dez: Who will be the next, hmm? There’s this band called DEVILDRIVER. I’m not even really sure but I have been listening to a lot of bands lately but there’s this one band on Housecore Records called War Beast. They are bringing some really good music.

You can catch DEVILDRIVER this Thursday at the House of Blues on Sunset. Tickets are still available

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