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INTERVIEW: Dustin “DuddyB” Bushnell of The Dirty Heads

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The Dirty Heads pose for a photo as KROQ Hosts a Lunchtime Beach Party With a Performance By The Dirty Heads at Doheny State Beach on June 19, 2012 in Dana Point, California. – Photo (C) Paul Hebert Photography / recently caught up with Dustin Bushnell of the Dirty Heads, in the midst of the band’s tour with Matisyahu, to discuss their tour, motivations, and upcoming plans. The band recently released their second full-length album, Cabin By the Sea, and will be touring with Matisyahu, HB Surround Sound, and Pacific Dub.

You can catch The Dirty Heads tour at one of three upcoming SoCal appearances 9/18 @ the Hollywood Palladium, 9/19 @ Humphrey’s in San Diego or 9/20 at the City National Grove of Anaheim. Tickets for all three shows are still available via

Matisyahu is featured in “Dance All Night” on your new album Cabin By The Sea, and now you guys are touring together, how’s that going?
DB: It’s been awesome. The tour has a great vibe and the band is amazing. It’s been fun to watch every night.

How did you meet Matisyahu?
He came down to the studio to work on the new album. He came together with the band during the writing process. Everything worked out really well.

I’ve heard both of your albums, and they sound pretty different stylistically. Cabin By the Sea feels more comfortable, like you gave yourself more room for expression. Is there any particular reason for that?
Yea, Any Port in a Storm was just a different time. It was our first time in a real studio and we went crazy. Every song was different. I mean, it was a great album, and I love every song, we just had no plan for it. In Cabin By the Sea we knew what we were doing. We had grown as musicians, we knew how to work in a studio, we figured out our sound and knew how to write songs.

Sublime is referenced in “Believe” off Any Port in a Storm as one of your influences, specifically Bradley Nowell, what’s it like singing with Rome Ramirez?
We’ve been friends with Rome before Sublime with Rome. You know, he was just one of the dudes and he’d come hang in the studio. It’s amazing to see one of our friends playing with a band that we loved as kids. Being on tour with Sublime and seeing a buddy up there on stage is a great feeling.

Both albums seem to have an ocean theme going, is that from the Huntington Beach/Orange County upbringing?
Ha, I guess coming from the sea could have that mindset. Sail to the Wind was our EP, it was when we set sail as a band. It was our first EP and it was wild, we were just getting into the scene. Any Port in a Storm we were really embarking into a storm, we were new to the scene. Now in Cabin By the Sea we feel more comfortable, we’ve found our cabin after the storm. Maybe we’ll keep that going, haha.

I know your touring now, but what are your plans next?
We want to your for at least a year on this album, and then just keep putting out albums and touring every year.

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