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Interview: Family Force 5

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Family Force 5 recently made their way to Anaheim’s House Of Blues on October 6th for the Dance Rawr Dance 3 tour. The San Francisco, CA five-piece Christian crunk-rock band compromised of brothers Solomon, Jacob and Joshua along with Nathan and Derek otherwise known as FF5 for short are known for the unique style of music and their over the top stage performance and costumes.

We recently sat down with the entire band backstage at HOB Anaheim to discuss their current tour along with their newest release, Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant. First up, it’s your bands first Southern California appearance since the AP Tour in March at The Avalon in Hollywood. Briefly describe what the band has been up to.

Solomon: What have we been up to? Well, we’ve been working on a Christmas album that came out today! We got to go to the UK and play some shows their which was amazing and then we’re currently on this tour. Besides that we also did a song for this company called Skeleanimals. The song is called “Keep the Party Alive” and it’s in Target right now.

SCMT: What led Family Force 5 to write and record a Christmas album?

Solomon: We wanted to do a Christmas album because we wanted to bring joy like no others. We kicked around the idea for a year and a half before we finally decided that if we were going to do this that we should pick out songs that we really love or do different versions of songs that our fans would really feel something. I think there are a few traditional Christmas songs in there that we needed to replace since you hear those songs so many times over the years. We asked our friends in Relient K how their experiences were with their Christmas records and they loved them and said that it was some of their favorite material they’ve ever wrote as a band. It was actually really fun to record especially with this guy – (Solomon points over to Nathan..)

Nathan: Thanks man!

Jacob: Yeah you know, we got a little crazy with Christmas. I mean through January, February, wait a minute, till August. I’ve been singing Christmas carols all year. I can’t wait till Christmas comes!

SCMT: Is there any specific type of reception that you would like it to receive? This is also the 3rd release for the band this year as well correct?

Solomon: Yep, its the 3rd release we’ve put out as a band this year. We had certain expectations for the EP and Remix album. I know that remix albums aren’t for everyone but our fans love that stuff. For the Christmas album I think our fans are going to get it. We already did the Grandma Got Ran over song about 3-4 years ago which the fans really liked a lot. It’s like a fun feel good sound that people will get. The reception has already been really good today.

Nathan: 4 and a half stars on iTunes!

Derek: So far. Off of 2 reviews until that one person goes, I liked what they did on their first album best.

SCMT: The Dance Rawr Dance 3 tour has been going on for a few weeks now. Overall how has it been?

Derek: It’s been great, some nights have been better then the others. We have this giant awesome video screen that is playing some really cool that Dr Fantsypants made for us. He was the director of the Dance or Die video. This is our legit tour, we have road cases for our gear.

Solomon: We’re a real band now!

SCMT: Following this tour, what are your plans for the rest of 2009 going into next year?

Solomon: Just really looking forwards a lot of time off man. Between January and August and this tour, I’ve been busy recording and doing a lot of production. I’m pretty sure all of us are looking forwards to a break. We have a great crew who does a lot of work at the same time but it would be nice to be home for a little bit.

SCMT: Besides fronting this band you also are a producer. How does it compare?

Solomon: Production on the side is always fun. Now it’s to the point where I’m getting the opportunities that I didn’t have which Family Force 5 has provided. Right now I’m to the point where I’m going to need a time manager to help work things out for the different directions that my head is going. Production is awesome and I love working on it on different projects along with different remixes for other bands. I’m going to be starting a remix soon for Owl City.

SCMT: Anything is closing that you would like to add?

Solomon: Go Disneyland

Nathan: Disneyland forever. Yo, when you see Goofy, punch him!

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