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INTERVIEW: Fin O’Brien of The Jacques

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jacquesThe Jacques, featuring brothers Fin O’Brien and Elliot O’Brien, Clint Trembath and Will Hicks, have over 75 shows under their belt in the U.K., Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Formed in 2014, they made their London debut in May of that year with The Libertines. With two critically acclaimed EP’s and mini album releases in Japan and Germany, “Eleanor Ring Me” is a new song released in May 2016 and was recorded at the legendary RAK Studios, London and produced by Dan Swift and released on the band’s own label, Vegan Cyanide. Their forthcoming live schedule includes festival appearances at Dot To Dot, Live At Leeds, Kendal Calling, Down To The Woods, Grillstock Bristol and venturing further afield playing Amsterdam Damaris and Zomerparkfest in The Netherlands as well as Antwerp Les Nuits Botanique, Treviso Home Festival Italy and their debut show in Paris, France.

Recording has already begun on the band’s eagerly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release sometime in 2017. SoCalMusictoday.com caught up with Fin O’Brien to talk about the band’s origins, their influences and the praise coming their way.

How did The Jacques get together and how and where did you meet?

Our drummer is my brother (Elliot O’Brien) and I met Clint around Bristol somewhere. I met Will at Goldsmiths through my flatmate in London  . . . sort of.

Do you all share similar influences and was that a catalyst to be in a band together?

There are tastes we share but on the whole we all have largely different influences. I rarely listen to guitar music at all at the moment so it’s difficult to say what might be an influence and what is just music I like to hear.

It sounds like great things are coming your way. Is it flattering or intimidating with the praise and accolades being heaped upon you?

I can’t think of anything less intimidating than people saying they like our writing. I wouldn’t say it’s what we go for though. It’s sweet when people say nice things but I think artists like us get past waiting for reactions fairly early on.

Are any of the bands and singers you’re being put into categories with your idols and did they inspire your sound and lyrics?

I don’t believe in idols!

You realize quickly that these are just people who eat and sleep and piss just like you do. It’s just that in this line of work people happen to get treated really well. I don’t know why – who knows what inspires those things? Being influenced is not a conscious process, it’s passive, it just happens.

Are you excited about supporting Noel Gallagher, Rudimental and The Charlatans in Kendall Calling and supporting Primal Scream at the Down To The Woods Festival? What goes through your mind when you think about that?

I like The Charlatans and I like Primal Scream. Noel Gallagher isn’t really of any interest to me and I don’t know anything about Rudimental. Our friend Davo does guitar tech for The Charlatans so it’ll be nice to see him.

Dan Swift produced “Eleanor Ring Me”. What was it like working with him on the single and how did it come about? Did you find that a valuable leaning experience and what did you get out of it?

Ha! We’ve been working with Dan since the beginning. He’s my best friend. He’ll laugh that I said that.

The band has released two EPs and mini album releases and now you’re working on a debut album. Is it a full length album? Will the theme of angst be a big centerpiece on the album or can listeners expect other themes and variations in direction? Can you tell us more about that?

It’s funny that angst could be considered a theme. I think angst is just a feeling which is secondary to what it was evoked by. So to answer the question, yes, that feeling will probably be evoked by new things two years down the line, but I don’t know about theme, it seems too rigid to pinpoint.

Website: http://www.thejacques.co.uk/

SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/the-jacques

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheJacquesBand

EP out now:   http://smarturl.it/prettydj

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheJacquesBand

Twitter: @thejacquesband

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