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Interview: Jason Lancaster of Go Radio

Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page caught up with Go Radio frontman Jason Lancaster to discuss the band’s debut album Lucky Street, being one of the newer bands on the Warped Tour 2011 line up and what the experience has been like for the band. Check out Lucky Street, out now and make sure you check out tour dates for the band after Warped Tour.

You’ve already got your set out of the way for today, you looked like you were having fun, what was it like for you this afternoon?

The crowd was good, there was a shit ton of kids today, there’s always a different experience in LA for us because the kids don’t jump up and down as much and they don’t seem to go as crazy, but you look out and they’re all still singing the words and doing their thing, but they’re not as active as normal, but it was good man!

As an upcoming band, you’ve released a debut album Lucky Street, how long have you been a group and how’s the debut treating you?

Everything’s been good, we’ve been together since 2007, it was a long road to a debut record, but it came out well, we’re all really proud of it. I think it says a lot about the band, how the band works and how we wanted to sound and it’s been really well received, I’m really excited about it.

And you have the chance to promote it out here on the Warped Tour, all across the US, how excited were you when you found out you were on Warped?

We were actually in the studio recording when we found out about Warped Tour, I’ve never been more excited about anything, I felt like I was having a baby or something.

So you’re mid-song and they call and you’re so excited that after you finish celebrating you have to start another take?

Pretty much, yeah (laughs).

Being able to see some of these other bands on the main stages, are you picking up tidbits of their live performances, or do you guys like to stick to your own thing?

We’ve always been a stick with what we know band, we know what makes us happy and we do it and as long as we’re satisfied with what we’re doing, and we never really are, but as long as we are trying to be the best band we can be, I feel like people will see that and respond.

As the tour is coming to a close, with four more days left, what have been some highlights on the tour so far?

Everything in the Midwest was amazing, the day off the day before San Diego was nice because it was the end of a 13-day run. That felt so good, we decided to go down and hit that water, it was fun.

After the Warped Tour, do you have plans to further promote the album and keep touring?

Oh yeah, we’re always trying to tour as much as possible, we feel like the only way to get out there with the over-saturation of the internet is to be a good live band and I feel like we are, but the only way you can show that you’re a good live band is to tour. There are still a lot of people that haven’t heard of Go Radio and by the end of the year we want to make sure they have.

Well hopefully people will hear about your energy on stage and that will drive them to come out, thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Thank you.

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