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Interview: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember

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A Day To Remember made their return to Southern California for two sold out shows at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA after spending the summer on the 15th anniversary of the Vans Warped Tour. Following several years of being tour support, the Ocala, Florida five piece take their first shot at headlining a US tour with The Pulling Your Pud Tour alongside Parkway Drive, In Fear And Faith and I See Stars.

Prior to their October 6th performance, we sat down with lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon to discuss their current headlining tour and their new record “Homesick.” First things first, how have things been on the current tour?

Jeremy: It’s been awesome and pretty much everyday has been sold out.

SCMT: What’s in-store for tonight’s performance?

Jeremy: I really don’t know. Last night was really crazy and there were all these kids who would lay on the ground and then have other kids stand on top of them and surf. You really never know what to expect in Pomona.

SCMT: How does it even compare selling out two nights in a row at The Glasshouse versus being support to The Devil Wears Prada earlier this year?

Jeremy: We’ve been playing this venue a lot since we first started coming up as a band so it’s cool to headline this on our own especially two days in a row. People don’t usually do that anymore and it’s really cool that people care that much to come out and see us.

SCMT: Is there anything you might even be able to reveal about the set list for tonight?

Jeremy: Well we’re playing some stuff that we did yesterday and a few songs we don’t usually play. Those who paid to come both nights are going to be in-store for a good mixture of songs we don’t usually show people. Unfortunately tonight we can’t use all of our production stuff for tonight like our backdrop but we still have it set-up to where it will still be pretty sick.

SCMT: Homesick has been out for several months now and has received some of the best reviews of the entire year by all counts. How do you personally take in the results it’s received?

Jeremy: We’re proud of it so if people really like it then that’s one of the best feelings you can have as a band. We’re just some guys from a really small town and we tried to write music that the fans wanted to hear and we got it eventually. All of us are really grateful for that and everything that has been going on for us lately. This was never meant to happen but it did.

SCMT: Has the exposure from being on Warped Tour the past few years added to that? I still remember shooting your performances in Pomona, Ventura and Carson and noticing how large the crowds were each and every time.

Jeremy: For sure. Warped Tour has always been great to us. It’s a chance for a lot of different people to see bands for the first time that normally wouldn’t check out. I think our live show really interacts with the crowd especially for those who enjoy both pop music and heavy music because you’ll be seeing a different type of music you usually don’t. Bridging the gap between styles of music you know?

SCMT: Was there even that much of a difference from being on the Smartpunk Stage last summer compared to the Hurley Stage this year?

Jeremy: It was awesome since the stage was actually bigger and it gave us more room to work with. The way it was set up in a way for it being more user friendly and allow us to get up on top of things. It was a lot more accommodating for shows and in a better area which made it also easier for kids to find. It was an all around better experience.

SCMT: What do you have planned for the rest of this year following this tour?

Jeremy: We’re heading over to the UK and Europe right after this tour for a co-headliner with Bring Me The Horizon for a month. Then we come back and are all until February next year until we head over to Australia, Japan and then maybe Hawaii. Around March we’re going to be hopefully doing an “A” market headliner with all new support and some pretty crazy production as well.

SCMT: Any favorite albums of this year either?

Jeremy: I just started listening to this band we went on tour with in Canada called 10 Second Epic and I’m really stoked on their song, “Welcome to wherever you are.” The band is a great wonderful live band that I feel people need to check-out.

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