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Interview: Jim Florentine, Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson of VH1’s “That Metal Show”

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VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show is set to premiere its 5th season this Saturday, May 8th. After four successful seasons in New York City, the show packed up and moved across the country for season five in Los Angeles. We briefly caught up with the series hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson to discuss the upcoming season and the all-star lineup which will appear on it. You can catch That Metal Show on Saturday nights at 11/10C on VH1 Classic.

SoCalMusicToday: The 5th season of That Metal Show is set to premiere this weekend.

Jim Florentine: The new season turned out great and I’m excited about it. The season has already been filmed and it was great filming this season in LA after previously being in New York. We had great guests like Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Rob Halford and Lemmy. A lot of the artists live out there so it was real easy to book the show.

SCMT: What brought the show out to Los Angeles?

Don Jamieson: Well we were also out here for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards this year. We didn’t go last year but it seemed like this was more organized this year. We had done some red carpet stuff before outside and then presented Album Of The Year. It was just an amazing time having all of those guys in the same room at the same time.

SCMT: Now that the season is debuting this Saturday, could you sum it up briefly?

Don: It was great man. I know what everyone says regarding a new CD, movie or whatever it is but to me, I think this is the best season so far.

Jim: Yeah, it’s definitely a new level of metal-ness.

Eddie Trunk: The thing that probably surprised the three of us more than anything was the audiences in Los Angeles. You hear about how laid back they are all the time but they blew us all away by how loud they were during the show and just glad we were there. The other thing were doing new in this season is that we’re spending more time with the artists this season with more interview time and getting into what we’re doing with the people there as opposed to going outside of the studio so much. It brought for some great moments with those we interviewed.

SCMT: While getting to interview the artists who you did for this season, what goes through your mind during and leading up to it?

Don: It’s tough because we are super fans of all these guys and we have to try to be a little bit professional.

Eddie: Yeah we all come at it from a different perspective. I’ve done radio for over 25 years and it worked with many of these guys for many, many years and most of them are friends. So I kind of have a comfort zone and know already what they are about and where I can and can’t go with them. Don and Jim know some of them but because they don’t have the background in radio like I do, they come at it from a different perspective than I do and sometimes are meeting them for the first time. So I really think it makes for a good balance since I can go into some areas with them whereas my partners may not be doing. Then they can come at it from a fan standpoint and ask some questions that I might not even realize about asking because I just take it for granted.

SCMT: Where in LA did the season take place?

Eddie: We filmed in Glendale and rented out a studio. We did our own LA version of the set.

SCMT: Like I mentioned earlier, the new season has an all-star lineup of musicians on it, but who was your personal favorite?

Jim: For me I’d say it was Zack Wylde. It was great to have him on the show after how many years we’ve been doing this and he is an insane, crazy and funny guy.

Don: Alice Cooper was my favorite since I’m an insane fan of his. I’ve met him a few times and he is such a super nice guy but to actually have him on the show to tell all of his stories from 20 years in the music business was cool. I was geeking out from that and he’s always sharing great stories which comes with a great punch line at the end. If he wanted to be a stand-up comic I think that he could.

Eddie: I agree with Don that Alice was probably the most legend stature which we have in this season. He’s just one of the all time legends in our book and is just a great guy but I agree with Jim as having Zack as the favorite guest from this season. I did an interview with Zack for VH1 Classic and every time I laugh because I remember years prior to working for That Metal Show I was working for them and it was the only interviewed I did which never aired because Zack was just so nuts and got crazy during it. It was great to actually have him on the show and know that it would air. As much as it was fun, he was a little bit more restrained this time compared to years ago.

SCMT: Are there any plans yet to include a segment on this year’s OZZfest?

Eddie: Well we would love to do anything and everything but it’s not our decision. VH1 Classic calls the shots and produces the show in deciding where we will go and when we will do it. Our answer is always yes but it’s mostly a question of access, money, budget and time and what we’re able to do. Last summer we got to go to England and cover the Download Festival which we loved doing but there is a million opportunities that are thrown our way but it is not up to us to decide what we want to do but up to the network.

SCMT: In closing, is there anything the three of you would like to share or speak your mind on?

Don: Well we are very thankful to everyone who has watched the show and there are a lot of fans that we have going into the 5th season. It os really amazing and the other really cool thing about the show is that we’ve gone global in pretty much every South American country, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and a lot of new places. Fan mail has been pouring in from all over the world now and it’s just so cool to hear from not only metal fans here in the states but all over the world. We are hoping to do a lot more shows.

Jim: I’m excited because a lot of the complaints we get about the show is that we don’t spend enough time with the artists because there is only so much that you can do in 30 minutes show. We were able to spend a lot more time with this season which I thought was great for everyone watching.

Eddie: Yeah I’m just excited that we got to go to LA for the new season and have a little bit of different dynamics to the show along with a different audience. We did the first four runs in New York and we love it don’t get me wrong since we also live in this area. For me getting to change it up, it was the biggest difference and excitement of being out there in a different area. Like Don said, we are getting emails from parts of the world that we didn’t know even existed who are just getting into the show. It’s extremely cool we get to do this and like Don and Jim said, I hope we get to keep doing this for a long time. We’ll just keep plugging away and doing this for as long as they will have us.

For more information on That Metal Show visit Vh1 – That Metal Show

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