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Interview: Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set

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19-year-old songwriter extraordinaire Jordan Witzigreuter formed his solo project The Ready Set at the age of 16 while in high school. Under the name of The Ready Set, Jordan writes and records all his own music that will see the light of day with his first full-length record due in-stores soon. Before his performance at day 2 of The Bamboozle, we caught up with The Ready set to discuss the forthcoming record along with the upcoming spot on the Bamboozle Road Show. Thank you for taking time to do this interview Jordan. How are things going today?

Jordan Witzigreuter: It’s going awesome. We’ve been doing these one-off types of festivals including this one in Texas with Never Shout Never, another at SXSW and Extreme Thing yesterday in Las Vegas. After today we’re going to be heading home for a little bit.

SCMT: You’re also apart of this year’s Bamboozle Road Show correct?

Jordan: Yes we are and it starts around the end of May. We are going to be on every date and excited that we have friends on the tour who we’ve previously toured with before like Boys Like Girls, we love the Mercy Mercedes crew along with getting to see Stereo Skyline and All Time Low. It’s just going to be a big party.

SCMT: Who would you say that you’re looking forwards to checking out today at The Bamboozle?

Jordan: I really want to see Iyaz since I’ve always wanted to see how those who are big on radio translate live. I also want to see Something Corporate and I just watched them sound check which was very awesome. As far as the road show, just everyone really but definitely Third Eye Blind who I saw last year at Bamboozle New Jersey. It was pretty epic.

SCMT: How different is Bamboozle New Jersey compared to Bamboozle California?

Jordan: This is the first time I’ve been to Bamboozle here and we’ve never played the one in New Jersey but I went last year. From what I hear, this one is a lot smaller and more scaled down.

SCMT: Not too long from now, you have your first full length studio record coming out. Could you briefly talk to us about it?

Jordan: Yeah it’s going to be released hopefully at the end of May. The song “love like woe” is going to premiere later this week.

SCMT: You’re also the primary song writer correct?

Jordan: I did all my demos along with actually tracking everything in the studio in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

SCMT: Other than the new full length and Bamboozle Road show, what can we look forwards to the rest of the year?

Jordan: Nothing confirmed yet other than those. I guess I’m going to see what all happens with the debut record I have coming out. Pete Wentz approached my manager since they knew each other and my manager asked me to text Pete. We talked for a few months and it took off from there.

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