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Interview: Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die

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11 years has passed since the formation of Buffalo NY’s favorite rockers, Every Time I Die. ETID, as they are known by their fans, has been described by singer Keith Buckley as a “Buffalo Bills tailgate party meets a high school bonfire kegger.” Following a seven year run with Ferret Records which produced four records and several line-up changes, ETID left for the hills of Los Angeles and a home at Epitaph Records. Prior to their September 19, 2009 performance at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA, I sat down with Keith Buckley to discuss in length their new album, “New Junk Aesthetic.” It’s been several months since we last hung out in the recording studio while you were recording, “New Junk Aesthetic” with Steve Evetts. Briefly fill me in on what’s new with ETID.

Keith Buckley: It has been that long hasn’t it? We’ve been pretty busy touring and the van doesn’t smell to good but what can you do? For this tour we decided to go back into the van and forgo the tour bus. Obviously, there are some tours we have to do the bus but this isn’t one of them. Plus we also wanted to save some money.

SCMT: Last time I saw you, the band was about to take a break from recording to head over to England for a brief tour with Gallows. I know it had to be pretty amazing!

Keith: It was f%^@ing awesome. That was one of my favorite tours ever. The crowds were definitely younger then what I would have expected since I’d never seen Gallows before either but the kids were very enthusiastic loved all of the bands that played and were very open minded.

SCMT: Your new record, “New Junk Aesthetic” just came out a few days ago. From what Andy has told me it’s supposed to do be the ETID album for fans of new and old. How do you feel about it now that it’s done and out?

Keith: It’s already very noticeable that the kids know the lyrics and songs. It’s a really good feeling. We’ve been playing usually 4-5 new songs a night off of it including “Roman Holiday,” “The Marvelous Slut,” “For The Record” and “Wanderlust.” I remember recording “Wanderlust” while you were in the studio with us.

SCMT: During the studio sessions you took off sometime from recording with Steve to do the Gallows tour in England. How much did that help getting to take a step back from a second, play new songs on that tour and then come back and finish up the record?

Keith: It definitely helped and then when we came back not hearing the songs in awhile where we were able to really hear what we liked and didn’t like. This album has a very lively feel to it and I”m pretty stoked about it.

SCMT: What are you looking forward to the most with the new record?

Keith: Just being able to tour off it and seeing how everything goes. Right now it’s the honeymoon stage where we have to wait for the magazines to come out to read the review. This part is exciting and then we hit the tours and hopefully all of the kids will be singing along. We will be visiting Australia and Japan in a few months which will be fun.

SCMT: Any plans to tour the states following those tours?

Keith: We are. Starting in March we are going to be doing a secondary market tour run. I’m sure it’s going to go through California but nothing like Los Angeles but stuff like Bakersfield and similar cities.

SCMT: Your drummer Mike recently left the band as well. Was it an amicable split with him wanting to go his own way?

Keith: Mike just went his own way and we kind of drifted apart. We’re still on good terms and it’s not one of those things where if we run into him we are going to break his legs or anything. He’s just doing his own thing and so are we.

SCMT: What’s up with the new DVD I’ve been hearing about and saw some footage of in the studio. Are you still working on footage and putting it together?

Keith: Yeah, Doug, my friend Lisk and I just road motorcycles from LA to San Diego and back to here in Pomona. We got a ton of footage out of it. It was a great experience that we did with Harley Davidson since I’ve never been on one. They gave me one for the ride and Lisk rented one.

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