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Interview: Kennedy Brock of The Maine

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Less than two years removed from their Fearless Records debut, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” The Maine is set to release their Sire Records major label debut later this year. The Arizona five-piece has made appearances headlining the 2009 AP Tour alongside Family Force 5 and 3OH!3 and on the Hurley Stage at last summers Vans Warped Tour. We caught up with guitarist Kennedy Brock to discuss their performances this weekend at The Bamboozle and the Hoodwink Festival where they will be covering Everclear along with their recent studio sessions for their upcoming record. The Maine is performing this weekend on Friday at Hoodwink and Sunday at Bamboozle. What can your fans look forwards to?

Kennedy Brock: We’re really excited for this weekend and done a lot of practicing to get as close as we can. We’re going to be covering Everclear at Hoodwink on Friday. I believe the 5 songs we are playing are, “I Will Buy You A New Life,” “Father Of Mine,” “Everything To Everyone,” “Wonderful” and “Santa Monica.”

SCMT: Sunday also happens to be The Bamboozle where your band will be performing on the main stage right before Never Shout Never

Kennedy: Well we will be performing some songs that we normally play from “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” we’re going to play a song that we’ve never played live and then we’re still working out if we’re going to play a new song or not.

SCMT: Being a band who has successfully toured with Warped Tour and very familiar with the festival scene, what is about The Bamboozle that makes it the festival that it is?

Kennedy: Bamboozle is awesome since it’s a really giant put together Warped Tour in one day. It’s really cool being apart really. I’m super excited to see Something Corporate and I know some of the rest of the guys are excited as well. We all grew up listening to that band and will be a fun show to see.

SCMT: You just spent some time in the studio recording the follow-up to “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” How did it go?

Kennedy: We’re just finishing up since we’re not quite done with it yet. Basically, we’re in the final stage. We’re also now on a section of Warner Brothers called Sire Records and then another sub label called Action Theory which has our friends This Century and Brighten signed to it.

SCMT: Is it too early to say yet when the record might be released along with plans for this summer?

Kennedy:It will be released sometime this summer but we’re still working it out since we haven’t decided yet when the best time to drop it will be or when we are going to finish it up. I think it depends on what we can get done after this next tour.

SCMT: While on the topic of releases, you’re cover of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” will be released as part of “Punk Goes Classic Rock” next month. Did Fearless approach you about putting the song on the release?

Kennedy: That was actually our idea because we wanted to play a song last summer on Warped Tour and we tested around some idea. The idea to play that song actually came from John’s dad when they were sitting around talking about songs that we should cover and that was one that he was really adamant about. We decided to do that song and it worked out well last summer since you could tell that a lot of dudes on Warped Tour liked us after that.

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