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INTERVIEW: Kthien of Erimha

Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page recently caught up with the powerful Black Metal band Erimha from Montreal Canada. These Metal Masters are gearing up to play The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this summer and demolishing the Victroty Records second stage across the country. Guitarist Kthien talked about being part of Mayhem Festival this summer, preparation for touring and their newest album Reign Through Immortality. will have full coverage (Photo Gallery and Live Review) of the kickoff of the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival on July 5 in San Bernardino, CA including coverage of Erimha.

Congratulations on being included on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2014. How does it feel to be part of the biggest traveling extreme music festival?

We are stoked!!! it’s going to be one hell of an experience for us!

How do you prepare for going out on a five week summer tour? Things like living in a van/bus together, keeping your focus on the music and just not getting totally distracted by your surroundings?

It does take a lot of preparation, but we do get less and less nervous now on forgetting stuff. The first time you go out you want to make sure you have thought of everything but you always do and realize that you brought way too much shit for no reason. So now we pack light and if the music gear is all ready then the rest doesn’t really matter.

For us it is just easier to keep the focus on the road and we try to bring that focus back home with us but with family and everyday life situations it does get hard. That is why we have implemented the closed door rule, when we shut out the outside it’s just us and Erimha.

Does playing early in the day pose any challenges versus playing in the evening or at night? It’s probably going to be pretty dam hot at the time when you take the stage.

Yeah for us it will be a first time to play this early and at that temperature . . . we have toured in -35 degrees and slept in the van with no heating on. This is just the complete opposite, but for the time frame and heat we will just do what we always do: find that state of mind and go to war.

The second stage bands usually get shorter set times (usually about 25 minutes). What can fans expect from Erimha during your set?

We usually get to play at least 30-45 minute sets packed with all the energy from start to finish, so we’ll be compacting all of that energy into 20 min.

You released the album Reign Through Immortality in July of 2013 on Victory Records. Can you tell me what the vision for that record was and how in your opinion this record compares to previous Erimha music?

This record was focused around a character and was a concept album, which Irkalla our first full length was more based on Sumerian legends and mythology. I think with Reign Through Immortality we discovered a bit more what Erimha was about and how we sound.

Aside from maybe Cannibal Corpse, Erimha is probably the most extreme metal band on the tour this year but there are also less brutal bands (more mainstream) on the bill as well. How do you feel these types of festivals with such diverse musical genres help a band like Erimha gain exposure?

What is special about this festival is that we find that it brings back to what the essence of metal used to be about. If you go back to the early 90’s nobody was comparing styles of metal and bull shitting other styles, you were just a metal head and hated all other genres of music – lol. So for us it’s to go out there and bring the extreme part of the festival to life alongside every metal head out there on that bill!

Will you guys be doing any meet n greets with the fans during the tour?

Yes we will be doing a meet and greet but we don’t have the times out for that yet, but do come out and say hi!

What do you pack when going out on a summer tour? Any “special” items you bring that you can’t live without such as a special teddy bear or a special pillow? Any photos of family or pets?

We are a band that packs very light, even at home we do not keep junk around. We don’t think you can survive in a touring band if you are too much attached to things and even back home. You need to let go, so we don’t carry stuff from back home, we just go.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival makes a stop in 26 cities this year across the USA. What is the city or venue you are most looking forward to playing and why?

To us it doesn’t matter, every place has its own energy to bring and that is what we are most stoked about, let’s see who can bring the most!

What bands are you big fans of that are also on the tour and what band are you most interested in watching play live this summer?

For sure we are all Cannibal Corpse fans.  We are stoked to see our labelmates Wretched play. We have always liked to watch bands play live, so I guess we will be checking out a lot of the other bands as much as possible.

What is next for Erimha after Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival ends in August?

Things are luckily moving fast for us, things come in every day. For now, we are not 100% on the touring till the end of the year, but are in the writing process and will most likely hit the studio by the end of the year. Stay tuned!!!!

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