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Interview: Maikia Maile of There for Tomorrow

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The 2010 edition of the Take Action! Tour is working its way across the country. We recently caught up with THERE FOR TOMORROW vocalist Maika Maile to discuss the bands current run on the tour along with their upcoming trip to Europe and their latest release “A Little Faster.” You’re currently on the road as part of the 2010 Take Action! Tour. The tour is now a few weeks in and made its way to Anaheim this evening. Tell me about the tour so far.

Maika Maile: It’s been amazing man. We’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.

SCMT: Has it been an entirely different experience each and every night for you?

Maika: Personally for us, the first two weeks were really good since we were on fire and playing really well because there were some spots on the East Coast that we were very familiar with including Florida. The challenging part of the tour has luckily been finished already through Mexico, southern Texas and some other spots. Every night has been awesome and we’ve got that certain vibe and feeling that everybody knows about you’re here supporting a great cause and essentially having a great time not thinking about it to hard. The people who want to step up do and they register to be bone marrow donors while the people who don’t are already benefiting the cause since 10% of the proceeds from ticket sales go to the donors. Its great all around and you can feel it in the room.

SCMT: As far as your performance, what can those in attendance look forward to seeing?

Maika: For the band that we are playing a 30 minute set it’s pretty dynamic and we go through a lot of different ranges, motion and content with different feels to every song. It’s kind of hard to do that entire spectrum within 30 minutes since we try to keep it and some type of steady pace but we’re primarily playing new stuff off our new record, “A Little Faster.” It’s been really exciting and I think that we’re just getting better and better as we tour more. Even our friends and fans have been telling us that we have been getting better and better.

SCMT: “A Little Faster” came out last year via Hopeless Records in the summer. How has it been received so far?

Maika: It came out around June 9th I believe. It’s been its own machine almost because there hasn’t been too much craziness put into it to help boost sales or anything but it’s really grown through word of mouth while we bust our asses touring. Since it’s really been an organic kind of growth it’s going to be really going to be beneficial in the long run because once you go out and step up into a huge leap, you’re already out there and people know who you are. For us, we’re taking these small steps instead of that big leap because in the end it’s the better thing to do.

SCMT: THERE FOR TOMORROW also holds the distinction of being the only band from the label on the bill.

Maika: Yeah we’re representing you know. We honestly don’t get any type of special privileges but just glad to be apart of this since it’s been around for 9 years.

SCMT: Following this tour, what’s planned for the rest of 2010?

Maika: We’re going to the UK for the first time ever beginning April 6th with the FRIDAY NIGHT BOYS. It will be a good time and we’re trying to break the ice globally because we just locked down new management and he’s a really experienced manager who’s been around for many years. He knows are type of music and we are firm believers in the way we do and feel about our music for the language it speaks over barriers. There are people in Indonesia that are dying for us to come over there along with people from Italy who love us. We’re just glad that were not really limited because some music just kind of limits itself ethically but ours is kind of universal which is what we always want.

SCMT: Any chance we will see THERE FOR TOMORROW on a festival this summer in the US?

Maika: I’m not sure this summer since we don’t really have anything locked down except for the UK at the moment. We’re just trying to work our butts off and get our name out there really. We never did anything silver spoon fed to us but worked for it to get it what we did and will just see what happens.

SCMT: Anything that you care to speak your mind about to end with?

Maika: Well you could sit here and analyze people but everyone is just out for the same thing. We used to be a little bit resentful to people who get things that we don’t almost like the jealously effect. Now we are doing our own thing and respecting everyone else’s game. I would never respect music that was made for bullshit reasons and there is a lot of it that I’ve seen just from being associated in the scene. Last year on Warped Tour we saw how terrible and surface level some people can be when it comes to music since they don’t really search for artistry anymore but they can be cheap all they want.

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