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Interview: Max Bemis of Say Anything

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We briefly caught up with SAY ANYTHING vocalist, Max Bemis to discuss the bands upcoming performances at The Bamboozle and Hoodwink Festival next weekend in Anaheim, CA. Catch SAY ANYTHING on tour this spring with ANGELS & AIRWAVES. Hello Max, it’s been a few months since we last spoke. What have you been up to since October?

Max Bemis: I’m great man. A lot has happened actually. We put out the new SAY ANYTHING record, did a great tour and that’s pretty much the base of events that has happened since then.

SCMT: How did the tour go? I remember it kicked off here at House Of Blues Anaheim.

Max: It was ridiculous and amazing. It was one of the best tours that we’ve ever done, if not the best.

SCMT: Are the rumors true about a SAY ANYTHING/ANGELS & AIRWAVES tour?

Max:Yes, we are touring with ANGELS & AIRWAVES. That tour lasts until late May and then we have some time off after that. We will see what happens after that.

SCMT: Whereabouts will the routing go through and will we see a stop in Los Angeles?

Max: I’m actually not sure yet and I don’t know which venue yet. Something big I can predict since those guys are monumental and we’re just along for the ride.

SCMT: In little over a week you will be playing two shows in Anaheim as part of Bamboozle. What can we expect from your performances?

Max: Of course I’m looking forwards to it. The 27th I believe is Bamboozle and Hoodwink the night prior. It’s always very invigorating being able to play a set at a huge festival the likes of Bamboozle. It’s funny since it will be the first show that we’ve played in a long time and I think it will be a little intimidating. Almost like it might put me in my place to walk out onstage and do my thing. I’ve been living my normal life in Texas just laying low, then walking out onstage to play a show in front of thousands of kids is kind of crazy shock when you play the type of show that Bamboozle is.

SCMT: How does a festival like Bamboozle compared to Warped Tour and similar festivals where you have the opportunity to interact and meet your fans up close?

Max: I think it depends on how you perform and when you play big festivals you’re looking everyone in the eye like you’re playing a basement show which those are the best type of festival shows for a band like ours. There’s always a difference from headlining a SAY ANYTHING show to Warped Tour where there is a similar vibe.

SCMT: Which performances are you looking forwards to the most?

Max: AFI has always been one of my favorite bands to see live. ANGELS & AIRWAVES are playing too aren’t they? It should be good getting to see them as well since we will be on tour with them and will get to experience that

SCMT: You recently wrote a song for a friend of mine as part of your song writing process that you’ve been doing.

Max: That’s awesome! Those songs have been a lot of fun and take a lot of time to do but so far we’ve had really happy satisfied customers. To me that’s all that really matters since it’s been a really cool business model that at the same time is something that’s really true to where I can look at myself in the mirror and feel like its okay to do that. Having a successful business where you’re not actually screwing anyone over and helping people at the end of the day.

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