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Interview: Meir Yaniv of Abused Romance

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Recently sat down with Abused Romance front man, Meir Yaniv and ask a few questions about Life, travel, their origins, and the release of their debut album.

SoCal Music Today- When you first started putting together the band, did you have a difficult time getting everything together?

Meir Yaniv- Yes actually we had a bit of a hard time getting our lineup set. We went through several musicians while back in Israel before heading to L.A. Originally we wanted simply the best muicians and used that as the focus at first. We had some of the best musicians come through but we found that they weren’t always the best people, so we decided to changing our focus and find the best people and friends as well as good musicians because once we found a solid mix of both, naturally we saw that we could create a great sound and harmony and thats really where the music comes from and ultimately thats where success came from as well.

SCMT-So Originally you guys are from Israel?

M.Y.- We are all from Israel originally and 3 of us were in the Israeli army for a time before we put the band together and came out here to Los Angeles. I’ve been playing and writing music with our guitarist Amet Ofir since i was 12 years old and after the Military we both came out to Los Angeles to Study at The Musician’s Institute before heading back to Israel and forming the band and starting out here on the Sunset Strip. Even though we’re Israeli, we consider ourselves American and love living and traveling here in the United States.

SCMT- How did growing up in Israel and serving in the military there affect how you write songs and perform music?

M.Y.- Growing up there really defines you a lot. You have a feeling of constant danger living in that environment, but you have this feeling of getting used to it in thinking that thats the only way to live you don’t really know that theres another option. It betters you in a way and helps you enjoy the good in life more. After the military and deciding to strike it out here. (In the U.S.) we started writing a about our feelings while we were in the military and the anger and aggressiveness we had, but the other side of that coin we wrote about hope, passion, and never having to be in that kind of situation again(In the military). But the Military really did help us and give us the heart to keep going and be ready for the rigors of being on the move constantly and traveling.

SCMT- You Said you started out here on the (Sunset) Strip when you guys first formed up and came out to Los Angeles?

M.Y.- Yeah, when we first started out we hit up every gig we could get in the area and kept growing learning and writing music. Being here together as immigrants really helped keeps us together and really bond and want to keep succeeding and working and to keep taking the next step to get bigger and bigger.

SCMT-When the band was finally signed and cleared to create the debut album “Shine”, were you already set to record?

M.Y.- We were ready to record and had a plan set down but while in the studio you try different things and grow in different way so get a different sound then you originally planed but it’s a growing experience and you find thing shat work out better then what you may have planned.

SCMT- I read that the Debut Album “Shine” is free?

M.Y.- Yes it is! We wanted to share our music with the fans show our appreciation, share with others and have people come see us on the road. Pick it up on our website at


Check out Abused Romance at their website for concert dates and get their debut album “Shine” for FREE at

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