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Interview: Nick Santino of A Rocket to the Moon

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From the time Massachusetts native songwriter Nick Santino started A ROCKET TO THE MOON in 2006, he never dreamed that the band would make it as far as they have in such a short amount of time. Following the release of their concept record, “On Your Side,” the band has taken the next step in achieving success that wasn’t dreamed only several years ago. We recently caught up with Nick to discuss their current run on the Take Action! Tour along with their latest release, “On Your Side.”

SoCalMusicToday: A ROCKET TO THE MOON is currently on tour taking part in the Take Action! Tour. How has the experience been so far?

Nick Santino: It’s going really good. We’re in Houston, TX right now which isn’t too far from the Mexican border so we just went out and adventured for some food. All of the shows have been sold out with the exception of a few.

SCMT: The tour is making its way across the country. Is there anything you can reveal about the performance itself?

Nick: Well it is a lot of fun. We’ve been having such a blast every night and we’re so used to playing either first or second on the bill but now on this tour being third the kids are having more time to see us and have more fun. I’ve noticed a lot more crowd energy every night and I guess just expect some songs that we’ve never played before along with older songs that we have played before.

SCMT: Going back to last years AP Tour, I’ve noticed ever since that tour in particular your band has been hoping on one big tour after another up to this very point. Explain to me how that has been in the short amount of time that it’s been?

Nick: We’ve just been super fortunate and super lucky man. We’ve had all these different offers from the tours and it’s worked out in the long run for us. I’m just thankful that we get those since it’s awesome.

SCMT: Are the rumors true about possible spring tours with THE MAINE and MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK?

Nick: I have no idea where THE MAINE came from since it’s not true but MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, SING IT LOUD and FUN will be happening. That tour will be starting in the Midwest and mostly be on the east coast.

SCMT: “On Your Side” was released last October. Now that it’s been out for several months and looking back on what went into the concept album are you satisfied with the final product?

Nick: Yeah I had a lot of fun with it and it was something new to all of us because we had never really gone into a real studio and actually recorded. It was definitely nerve racking but Matt Squire was really cool. Like I said it was really new and we were all learning something new at the same time. It ended up coming out really well I think and we had a great time doing it.

SCMT: What really stands out to me is that the album was recorded in 17 days. How were you able to finish the record in that short of a time frame?

Nick: I guess we were just in the mood and went for it since we didn’t feel rushed. We didn’t mean to do it in 17 days but it just kind of happened since we were that into it and an all around fun time.

SCMT: From previous interviews I’ve read, you said that you never expected this band to come as far as it has in a short amount of time. Does it surprise you that it is?

Nick: It has because like what I said before we’ve been really fortunate and lucky to be getting the success that we are. Hopefully things won’t be slowing down anytime soon either.

SCMT: Have you and Justin sat down yet and started writing any new songs along the way in your down time or just taking it as it goes?

Nick: We’re taking a lot of influence from what we’re listening to so whatever happens a year from now and what we’re listening to then will just occur.

SCMT: That makes a lot of sense and I know when it comes to lyrical content along with the music you aim it to where your fans can connect and identify with it one way or the other.

Nick: We like to write stories and personal songs while we do a lot of writing from other peoples perspectives. Like those who have gone through either really good or crappy times. It’s a lot easier when you have something positive like that to write about. I think anything people can relate to.

SCMT: Any plans yet for the rest of the year going into the summer?

Nick: Right now we’re trying to figure it all out. Definitely a lot of touring and trying to do the radio thing with our new single plus make a new video.

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