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Interview: Orange

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As the Vans Warped Tour was about to kick off on Friday, we sat down with local punk rockers Orange to discuss their newest album, Michael Jackson’s untimely death and disco Sex Music. Lead Guitarist Brendan Minded was not present as he was in Vegas expecting the birth of his second child. So you guys are all from LA, but your (Joe) from England originally?

Joe Dexter (Vocals/Bass): – London, England Yeah

SCM: How long have you been out here

Joe: – I’ve actually been out here since I was 13

SCM: – Really, OK. How long have you guys been together?

Joe: – As this collective group, I’d say probably like less than a year. But as Orange we have been around about 8 years.

SCM: – How old are you guys?

Joe: 21
Perry Ladish (Rhythm Guitar): 25
Zak Glosserman (Drums) – 19

SCM: – So you’d been playing in Orange, and came out here for the band?

Joe: Not for the band, just because my family was moving out here and I just sort of tagged along, since I didn’t really have a choice, but I kind of like it. So then we and my friend Michael who both played Bass at the time just started jamming out, and we called ourselves West Sayid. And we started making like disco sex music.

Zak: And there’s nothing wrong with that, by the way


Perry: We’re big fans of the disco sex music.

Joe: That’s kind of our humble beginnings really.

SCM: For somebody who hasn’t heard you guys, what is your sound like? What can they expect to hear.

Joe: That’s a good question. We get a lot of comaprison’s to earlier Green Day. We get a lot of comparisons to Clash. I’d say more on this new record we were influenced by bands from say The Cure to Elvis Costello to Green Day.

Perry: The Clash

Joe: And The Clash, so all those kind of influences come out on this new record, it’s very different from our old records.

Zak: We kind of matured our sound a little bit. Back when we recorded the first 2 albums we were really you. We were immature, and there is nothing wrong with that but I think that with maturity our sound got a lot better. with this record it’s a lot more complete, I think, then with the other ones.

Joe: It’s a record that I am very proud to have represent us.

Perry: Yeah

SCM: So this is record #3

Zak: Yeah

SCM: First major record? The other 2 were indies?

Joe: We are still on Hell Cat records, so it is still an indie

SCM: First major tour?

Joe: We are actually only doing 2 dates on this, but we have done many tours with The Addicts and The Misfits, UK Subs

Zak: Necromantics

Joe: We’ve done many many tours, we’ve done warped tour in the past, but it has been awhile, and we are excited to be here again.

SCM: What are your influences, I know you have mentioned Green Day but do you have any abstract influences?

Joe: We all have our own influences don’t we.

Perry: I love a band called The Living End from Australia, they are a big influence on me, and the Ramones, they do it for me

Zak: I grew up with a lot of Motown, and a lot of Frank Zappa and a lot of weird alternative kind of technical shit, but it all just made me realize how to play simpler. I love Motown and alternative stuff

SCM: Ok, now touching on Motown, what do you guys think of the Michael Jackson thing?

Perry: Devastated, I’m devastated

Zak: When I heard man, I had to stop the car and sit back

Joe: It was a really tragic day for music

Perry: Michael Jackson is the guy that got me into music.

Joe: Absolutely

Perry: I mean I was the biggest Michael Jackson fan around.

SCM: Great. I think that is all we have for you, anything else you want to add

Joe: Well our new record is coming out September 15 on Hell Cat records.

SCM: Name of the album?

Joe: It’s called Phoenix

SCM: So it will be on Hell Cat, and iTunes also

Joe: Yeah there will be a Japan version with a secret track, and actually on the iTunes version there is also a secret track on that if you want to download it.

SCM: So it’s not so secret anymore.


Joe: Yeah not so secret anymore.. Woops

SCM: So now the website. is it just the myspace page?

Joe: We used to have a website, but nobody uses it anymore, everybody uses myspace now. is where you can find us and if you guys twitter it is Orange23

SCM: The numbers 2 and 3

Joe: Yes the number 23, everything good that has ever happened to Orange has happened on the 23rd.

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