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Interview: Story of the Year

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Following a year of tours in Europe, across the US, and the recording of their 2010 record, Story Of The Year made their way to The Grove of Anaheim earlier this month for the Napalm and Noise Tour. We sat down with members Dan Marsalla, Josh Wills and Phillip Sneed to discuss their upcoming record and their 2010 US tour plans. Story Of The Year is back on the road for the first time in the US for the majority of 2009. What has it been like so far?

Dan Marsala: I think it’s been since the beginning of the year since we really played a show in the states.

SCMT: Wasn’t the last one really Musink in February at the OC Fairgrounds?

Josh Wills: Probably

Dan: Yeah I remember doing that and a few shows here and there but I don’t really remember our last US tour since we’ve been doing a lot of tours overseas. Warped Tour last summer was actually our last full US tour that we did.

SCMT: Are there any plans yet to do a full US tour in 2010 following the Europe tour in January?

Dan: Right now we’re not entirely to sure yet but hopefully will have something soon.

SCMT: 2009 was a relatively quiet year for Story Of The Year in the US that also saw the recording of a new record. Is there anything that you can reveal about it yet?

Dan: Yeah, we started recording it towards the end of July wasn’t it?

Josh: July 10th I think it was

Dan: We were there until about August 10th

Josh: You can expect another bad ass record from us

SCMT: How different is it compared to The Black Swan?

Dan and Josh: Obviously none of the same songs that appeared on our last record.

Dan: We went with the same producer that we did for our last record and it does sound similar since we recorded it in the same studio. It’s kind of similar in direction but there are some heavy songs and there’s a lot of rock songs with a few slower ones. It’s a good balance of things but yeah it’s different compared to The Black Swan. Just not a huge departure though.

Phillip Sneed: It’s a little bit less direct but more mysterious and less literal. There’s more focus on straight ahead song writing compared to more of the riffier material we’ve done in the past. We just tried to simplify it and write better songs this time.

SCMT: Is there a release date yet?

Phillip: February 16th I believe.

Dan: That’s currently the plan for now.

SCMT: With the new record will also come touring plans. Are there any yet to do any A, B or C market tours?

Dan: We’re doing Europe in January into February after the break. Then after that is going to be a full US tour but we are still putting all of that together. We have a couple of bands that we are trying to include on it to make it official but we will definitely be headlining it.

SCMT: How do you want the new record to be reached to your fans and do overall in your second record with Epitaph? Will your new song, “To The Burial” be on it either?

Dan: Yeah this one is going to be on Epitaph again. We can’t really play on this record because nobody really buys records or music anymore. The shift changes so fast that you really can’t plan anything whether people will buy it or like it.

SCMT: So here we are tonight at The Grove in Anaheim. What is it like being back here for the first time in many years since the Nintendo Fusion Tour with My Chemical Romance and The Lost Prophets?

Dan: Has it really been that long since we’ve played this club? I did see a poster somewhere hanging up inside and was like holy sh!t we used to headline sometimes? Damn, it was I believe 2004 which was a pretty long time ago.

Phillip: Yeah it was just about 6 years ago since we were last here.

Josh: Yeah it was which seems like a pretty long time ago as well. I remember it being before My Chemical Romance were even big.

SCMT: Do any of you have any favorite records of 2009 either?

Phillip: I liked The Dead Weather stuff.

Josh: The new Muse record was one that I liked.

Dan: Last year I remember buying the new Strike Anywhere CD

Josh: The new Jay Z record is really good too.

Dan: That’s a record we jam a lot on the nightly. We just keep it simple.

SCMT: What are you looking forwards to the most in 2010?

Dan: We’re just going to tour as much as possible next year.

Phillip: I’m really excited to do a proper headlining tour in the US since we haven’t done an A market headliner in years. We’ve done a couple warm up tours in B and C markets, well mostly C markets but we really haven’t done a proper US A market run in a long time. I can’t really remember the last time we did.

Dan: We did about a month of headlining shows for The Black Swan right when it came out but instead did shows like Bamboozle. I’m thinking probably into March and April we will get back out there.

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