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INTERVIEW: Indie/Alt Rockers Stroamata

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stroamataBrookyln based band indie/alt rockers Stroamata featuring Dara Eagle (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Robert Morrison (lead guitar and vocals), Akil Marshall (bass) Alexander Markowitz (drums/backing vocals) are known for combining heavy-sounding guitars with big vocal hooks to create an edgy sound. The band is also known for tossing in some post-hardcore Paramore and industrial influences. The indie/alt rockers are currently promoting their newest single, “Bad” from their forthcoming album in 2016. Stroamata drummer Alex Markowitz recently spoke via email to SoCalMusicToday about how the band has evolved and changed since their formation in the mid-2000s, the praise and accolades coming their way to due to their exciting and potent live shows recalling the scene with their own unique brand of candor and panache and more.

Can the band tell me more about something I read on ReverbNation that you all “wore many colors, took many different shapes, and created a wide and wild array of sounds throughout the mid 2000’s” What was different about the band then and were there other band members in the group previously? 

Well, we had a keyboard and a set of turntables up on stage! We made a lot of different types of music like electronica, soul, acid rock and trip-hop. We were just trying to figure out who we were and what we wanted to be. Some of that experimentation was embarrassing, some of it actually aged really well. Listening to that old music, it is like looking at photos of yourself as a teenager: it’s a little painful, but you can recognize the thought process involved. We have had a bunch of members in this band, but the core group has always been the core group.

Tell me about “Things Left Lying Around” which was released in 2008 as the band’s first full-length album? 

We started recording “Things Left Lying Around” before Dara was even in the band. We just wanted to make an album. Anything we did before that was just us having fun and playing music with each other.

In 2010, Stroamata released the Phoenix EP. The band played just about every club in Boston and has built a strong reputation for often being the “best band on the bill.” Is that what the bands hear from club bookers and fans? What do Stroamata do in your opinion that moved audiences so much and stood out from other bands on the circuit? 

We just weren’t fucking around or playing long jams with double extended drum solos coming on stage looking like crap. I’m sorry, but at that time, there was way too much “loosy-goosy” casual bullshit going on. We played gigs where the headline band’s drummer took a 10-minute flute solo during their encore. That isn’t saying we didn’t make our mistakes onstage either, but we weren’t using the stage to just showcase ourselves, we were using the stage to play a show and show our audience the respect of coming correctly with original music. They either liked the music or they didn’t, but they we never received a negative reaction and even those who didn’t necessarily love the music, still watched and enjoyed themselves.

Then the band moved to Brooklyn, is that correct and why? What lead to the move? 

We just felt there was nothing left for us to do in Boston. We love Boston, but at the time, the scene just didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I think this has changed in the past few years, and now Boston has got some great stuff going on, so maybe our move was premature, but making the move as a band made us a MUCH MUCH MUCH better band with a much stronger focus. Making a leap together really puts all the work you have done and will do into perspective, and made us want to work harder.

Since then Stroamata has released several singles and the band has a new album coming out in 2016. Can you tell me more about the new album what can you fans expect? 

A new fully cohesive album.

I take away from the song “Bad” being about lust and fractured human relationships with flaws and all would that be? What inspired the song? 

Being an adult is what inspired the song. You get into your late 20s, and all of sudden, relationships aren’t just a “relationship” or a “hook-up.” They take many forms and come with all types of complicated issues. Honestly, they are more beautiful and unique then they were five years prior, but they are much more complicated, and that is what the song is about.

What are the band’s influences musically? 

An impossible question. We listen to all kinds of stuff, and we love good music that is created out of love by talented people.

Does the band collaborate writing the songs and arranging them or just the musical parts? 

Depends on the song. Usually the person who comes in with the core of the song will take the lead with the other members, but there is no one way of writing a song with a group.

What is next for Stroamata?

We are not sure right now. There is more than one major release coming this year…

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