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Interview: Vocalist Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low

Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page recently caught up with All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth while on the Warped Tour in Irvine to talk a bit about the main stage, the band’s plans for an upcoming album and the results of having the Tour go through two days in Vegas. Be sure to catch the Maryland quartet as they have plans to continue touring after the Warped Tour.

How’s it feel to be back on the Warped Tour?

It’s been so good man, so good, I’m really happy to be back on the Warped Tour, we took a few years off, but this is actually our fifth time, so it’s really rad.

You guys are like veterans then and taking over the main stage.

Yeah, it’s cool man, we’ve definitely worked our way up and I think we’ve played on every stage here and it’s cool to say that we got there.

You’re out here supporting an album that came out last year called Dirty Work, talk about the album a little bit.

The crazy thing is that since then we’ve parted ways with our label, so we actually went ahead and made another record which will hopefully be out by the end of this year, so that’s been a big part of what’s been going on in our lives lately, we’ve been getting a lot of mixes, Neal Avaron is mixing the record so it’s sounding incredible, we’re really stoked on it.

I know you guys are one of the more fun, quirky bands, what’s an All Time Low live performance like?

I think the big thing is we just like to have a good time, we don’t really take ourselves too seriously, but we take our music seriously, there’s no point in getting up there and going through the motions, so we like to make sure everyone is having a blast and we’re having a blast and I think the best way to do that is to go be stupid and crazy and make it a good time.

Are you guys the same way off the stage with the other bands around here?

I think so, yeah, we like hanging out with everybody it’s a lot of fun.

You guys have another two months on the tour, have you seen a lot of fans you hadn’t seen in a year or two and are you guys previewing songs from the new record?

Yeah, it’s been cool, we put out a new song called “The Reckless And The Brave” right before we left for this tour so that’s been going over really well and because we’ve been working on the record it’s been a while since we’ve toured in the states and like you said, it’s been great getting back in front of our fans and seeing some familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces, it’s cool knowing that there are still fresh faces to play for, by no means is it on it’s way down yet and it’s good to know that we can still have room to grow.

All right, give me one crazy Warped Tour story.

It was just (guitarist Jack Barakat)’s birthday the other day and we were just in Vegas for the past two days, so the last few days have just been insane, a lot of nudity, a lot of nudity and pools in our rooms and bowling balls.

Mix them all together and what do you get?

Madness. Vegas madness and we’re still recovering. We didn’t even party yesterday because yesterday was the show and we’re still hurting, haha.

Lastly, what are you guys up to aside from the tour, the album, anything else we can expect from you guys in the near future?

Lots of touring, I think from here on out for the rest of the year we’re going to be on the road. We’ll be going back to the UK again, going to try to hit up Australia and Canada, just anywhere we can play.

All right, well we look forward to seeing where you end up later this year, thank you for the time.

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