Invidia @ The Glasshouse - 09/23/2017 -

Invidia @ The Glasshouse – 09/23/2017


Invidia @ The Glasshouse -09/23/2017Sometimes when band members don’t work out in one band, good things can result from those situations and that is exactly the case with Las Vegas’ Heavy Metal powerhouse Invdia. With a pedigree that includes former members of Five Finger Death Punch (Matt Snell on bass) and Skinlab (Brian Jackson & Marcos Rivera on guitars) this band hit the scene in 2015 with a vengeance. Rounding out the bands killer lineup is drummer Darren Badorine (Six Ounce Gloves) and the talented Evan Seidlitz (formerly of Thrown into Exile & Vyces) on vocals who recently joined the band taking over for original vocalist Travis Johnson who left Invidia to focus on his bass playing with In This Moment.

Invidia landed the opening slot on the 2017 version of the Metal Alliance Tour alongside Black Fast, Havok, Crowbar and the mighty Overkill and this killer touring package made a stop at The Glasshouse in Pomona on Saturday night September 23. Although the night was young and fans were still making their way into the venue, Invidia took the stage and delivered a high energy set that definitely kicked things into high gear.

Playing select songs from their 2017 debut album As the Sun Sleeps, it did not take long for Invidia to win over those in attendance that were not familiar with them. Brian Jackson and Marcos Rivera book-ended the stage with their blistering guitars while Matt Snell would get up to the edge of the stage with his rumbling bass in sync with Darren Badorine’s thunderous drums.

Vocalist  Evan Seidlitz was the real star of the show as he can give you the clean singing in the style of Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) as well as gut wrenching growls similar to Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) and everything in-between. Seidlitz was constantly challenging the crowd to get moving in the mosh pit and they willingly obliged. He also got up close and personal with the rowdy fans as he came down to sing on the edge of the security barrier then during their last song, actually jumped into the crowd and got right in the middle of the mosh pit as the crazed fans circled around him.

Without a doubt Invidia gained new fans on this night and right now in the music world they are one of the best bands out there that you have never heard of . . . well now that you are familiar with Invidia make it a point to go grab some of their music and get out to a show when they hit your area. This is one of those times we are glad what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas!

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