Josh Todd & The Conflict @ The Coach House - 10/19/2017 -

Josh Todd & The Conflict @ The Coach House – 10/19/2017


Josh Todd & The Conflict @ The Coach House – 10/19/2017One of the most straight up, grittiest, funky rock n roll shows with a bit of angst and sex appeal took place on Thursday night October 19 at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano as Josh Todd & The Conflict kicked off their 2017 tour in support of the recently released Year of the Tiger. Josh Todd . . . that name sounds familiar . . . YES – the vocalist of Buckcherry. Todd along with Buckcherry guitarist Steve Dacanay have teamed up in Josh Todd & The Conflict along with bass player Gregg Cash and drummer Sean Winchester to create a premier rock n roll band that contains all the ingredients of Buckcherry with a bit more heaviness and melody. The band released Year of the Tiger back in mid-September and are out playing the record live for the first time.

The night kicked off with the title track “Year of the Tiger” and then into “Push It” setting the tone for the next 60 minutes. The small intimate crowd at The Coach House of a few hundred people were ready to rock out with Todd and his bandmates as everyone in attendance knew this was a special night. Todd looked and sounded amazing as he consistently puts on one of the most electrifying high energy performances in the business. A dynamic frontman, Todd has the looks, the moves and the attitude that makes him one of the premier frontman in music.

In addition to contributing backup vocals, guitarist Steve D lays down some serious six string work on each song while the rhythm section of Winchester on drums and Cash on bass combines for some massive rock n roll thunder. The band played just about every song from their debut album which included a cover of Prince’s “Erotic City” and a ferocious rendition of “The Conflict”. It didn’t take long before Todd was shirtless displaying his heavily tattooed torso as he continued to move across the stage in what can be described as a combination of Axl Rose and Mick Jagger moves.

Interestingly enough none of Buckcherry’s hits were played as Todd is obviously looking to stand on his own with this album but that did not lessen the quality of the music being played. What Todd labeled a new song “Kill You, Kill Me” was played and certainly rivaled anything on Year of the Tiger.

If you are a straight up, no frills rock n roll fan you need to catch Josh Todd & The Conflict as they make their way across the country this fall and you can catch them back in Southern California on Dec 2 in Pasadena and Dec 3 in Hermosa Beach. For all the latest information on Josh Todd & The Conflict check out

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