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Kill My Coquette & Beasto Blanco @ The Slidebar – 03/25/2015

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Kill My Coquette @ The Slidebar – 03/25/2015On Wednesday night March 25 two very different yet both equally entertaining bands played the Slidebar Rock n Roll Kitchen in Fullerton. The one-two blast of kick ass music was provided by the unique rock sound of Kill My Coquette along with the monstrous thud of Beasto Blanco.

Kill My Coquette is the brainchild of model/actress Natalie Denise Sperl who created the band as an outlet for her own creative vision to move people through music. The band released their debut EP in January and played 45 minutes of straight up rock n roll infused with a drop of punk. Sperl handles the vocals as well as rhythm guitar and delivers an energetic and sultry performance full of attitude. The band included a killer version of The Stooges “I Wanna be Your Dog” then ended the night with their first single “3rd & Bonnie Brae”. Without a doubt a Kill My Coquette is a band that we will all hear more of in the near future.

Beasto Blanco, a band fronted by Chuck Garric (current bass player for Alice Cooper) who puts down the bass and saddles up a six-string and also delivers lead vocals for this apocalyptic Rob Zombie meets Alice Cooper band. Out supporting their CD Live Fast Die Loud Beasto Blanco just completed a short West Coast tour that included Alaska. The music on the CD is raw and loud just as is the live show. Garric releases a furious vocal attack alongside some crushingly heavy riffs and thunderous rhythms. Costume changes and stage props add to the sonic assault especially Calico Cooper waving around a smoke gun and providing devilish backing vocals. Beasto Blanco delivers an arena rock show in a small venue.

Kill My Coquette

Beasto Blanco

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