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KNOTFEST Day 1 @ San Manuel Amphitheater – 10/24/2015

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GWAR: KNOTFEST @ San Manuel Amphitheater – 10/24/2015

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With the campground sold out and filled to capacity, KNOTFEST fans lined the entrance to the San Manuel Amphitheater for over an hour prior to the gates opening to get into the venue with much anticipation for the weekend events. Filled with vendor exhibits and food/drink vendors, fans got right to business. Stages 004 and 005 boasted some of the most loud and aggressive up and coming metal bands from local roots to seasoned black metal bands who traveled thousands of miles to make an appearance. Stages 004 and 005 filled the day with short but powerful sets of loud and extreme music.  Stage 002 and 003 was filled with some bigger names in metal and rotated between bands cutting the wait time in between bands to nothing. Fans packed the grass area for what would be the big dusty mosh pit of the day.

At The Gates, Battlecross and Red Fang warmed the crowd for the much anticipated appearance of Ice-T and Body Count. Body Count was rocking the crowd when technical difficulties from a guitar amp caused a little bit of a delay during the second song. Ice-T kept the crowd entertained with a few jokes and some crowd participation. After a few minutes, Ernie C was back in business shredding into “Masters of Revenge”. Following Body Count was the almighty Scumdogs, GWAR. The much awaited set from GWAR was no let down. Knowing what to expect, most of the pit security and a few fans dawned plastic bags covering themselves so they did not get sprayed with blood and space jizz flowing into the crowd during the set. Once GWAR wrapped things up, most fans headed to the main seating area for the main stage to start up.

Korn: KNOTFEST @ San Manuel Amphitheater – 10/24/2015In between bands fans walked through the Slipknot Museum, checking out some Slipknot history.  Merchandise, contest entries and lots of other activities including a roller coaster type farris wheel kept fans busy and entertained. The disappointment of the day was the Metal Mulisha Supercross riders.  They were unable to perform due to the high winds and the safety factor of performing the dangerous stunts. The Monster truck madness made up for the void of the Supercross Stunts during the day time events.

While the bands on stage 002/003 were tearing it up, some of the festivals artist were walking around enjoying themselves and talking with fans. Two such guys were Tommy Vext of The Westfield Massacre and Ray Luzier of KORN. Tommy was gracious enough to stop and talk with fans, answer questions and just hang out. Super cool guy and he has a set of pipes that will blow you ear drums. Ray was out and about talking with fans and did a signing at one of the booths on the festival grounds and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in the music business. His powerful drumming is one of the best you will ever hear.

Corrosion of Conformity started things off on the main stage with a sludgy dose of American Heavy Metal. Mastodon and Trivium took over for a few hours, followed by a much anticipated performance by KORN. The minute Ray Luzier took his seat behind his drum kit, the crowd went crazy and they were defiantly a crowd favorite. Next up the Metal Gods, Judas Priest plowed through 90 minutes of metal classics. The Metal Gods came and delivered, sending this Saturday KNOTFEST crowd home happy fans.

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