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Korpiklaani @ The Regent Theater – 11/18/2018

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Korpiklaani @ The Regent Theater - 11/18/2018On Sunday November 18, The Wayfarer Tour featuring Helsott, Arkona, and Korpiklaani brought a heavy hitting night of folk metal to the people of Los Angeles. Complete with bagpipes, violins, and an accordion, the bands had the patrons of the Regent Theater dancing and moshing all night long. The energy in the room was unlike any other metal show, as these beautiful instruments added something unique to the performance, as well as the music.

Arkona, hailing from Russia, took the stage wearing medieval style clothing, and captivated the audience with a visually stunning set. A mic stand with an animal skull attached to the front, and a drum affixed to the side, stood at the front of the stage. A hooded Maria Arkhipova appeared, and began by hitting the drum while the rest of the band took their places. Akrhipova demonstrated enormous vocal talent on this night, emitting guttural growls and screams. The entire band was entertaining and lively, and the audience broke into several mosh pits during the (approximately) hour and a half they were on stage.

When Korpiklaani emerged on the Regent stage, the crowd exploded into a frenzy. They danced out onto the stage, and wasted no time going into their first song “Neito”. Despite coming to town on a Sunday night before a holiday weekend, there was a large turnout for the Finnish folk metal band. They clearly love performing their music, and their sheer delight was infectious. One of the things that make folk metal great is the combination of instruments such as violins and accordions with guitar riffs and double bass kicks, and Korpiklaani are masters at their craft!

The demand for live folk metal is alive and well in Los Angeles! The Regent Theater played host to two of the biggest names in the game when Arkona and Korpiklaani stopped by to melt faces. If traditional folk instruments mixed with heavy metal are your thing, make sure you check them out!

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