Kreator @ The Observatory – 03/25/2017 -

Kreator @ The Observatory – 03/25/2017


Kreator @ The Observatory – 03/25/2017Now in its sixth year, The 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour continues its tradition of putting together some of extreme metal’s most impressive bands on the same tour for a brutal night of break-neck insanity. This year, none other than German thrash masters Kreator are headlining this trek along with Florida death metal legends Obituary, old-school metalers Midnight and progressive death youngsters Horrendous. This four band package made a stop at The Observatory on Saturday night March 25 for a SOLD OUT show . . . no local opening bands, no filler, just the aforementioned bands delivering a 1,2,3,4 punch in the gut.

The venue filled quickly as the show kicked off at 7:00pm sharp as Horrendous took the stage and played an energetic set with an active stage presence that had all in attendance in awe as they warmed up the early-birds for what was yet to come. Horrendous definitely walked away with a lot of new fans as a result of their killer performance.

A cross between Venom and Motorhead, the trio that make up Midnight put on a standout performance that had the capacity crowd in a complete frenzy with a tremendous amount of crowd surfing and circle pit action. Each member of the band wears a black hood that also covers their face throughout the show adding some mystique to their onstage presence. Bassist/vocalist Athenar and guitarist Commandor Vanik were extremely active onstage, using every inch they could and climbing on speakers and amps as well as getting down into the security pit to get up close and personal with the rabid fans. The band played a nine song set ending with the hypnotizing guitar riffs and bass tones of “Unholy and Rotten”. Athenar then smashed his bass and handed over the pieces to the crowd while Commandor Vanik joined in on the crowd surfing and jumped into the crowd.

Obituary @ The Observatory – 03/25/2017After a 15 minute set change, it was time for some brutal old school Florida Death Metal with Obituary. These extreme music veterans are out supporting their recent self-titled release Obituary and played two tracks off that record “Sentence Day” and “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”, of which both songs fit in well with their older material. Vocalist John Tardy sounded spot on with his vocal delivery as guitarists Trevor Peres and Kenny Andrews both delivered scorching riffs and solos. The thunderous bass of Terry Butler compliments the absolutely inhuman drumming of Donald Tardy who is just a total machine behind his kit. The band delivered such classics as “Chopped in Half”, “Turned Inside Out” and ended their killer 45 minute set with “Slowly We Rot” which without a doubt had the largest circle pits and crowd movement of the night.

At long last, it was time for Kreator to hit the stage . . . by this time every inch of The Observatory was packed with fans as the band took the stage and blasted into “Hordes of Chaos” and immediately the bodies were flying into the security pit which kept security busy for the entire night. Although Kreator has toured a few times in the US over the last five years, their shows are ALWAYS packed with diehard fans as displayed by the long merch line throughout the entire night as all wanted to walk away with a fresh new Kreator tour shirt.

The band sounded incredible as guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza led the band, guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö, bass player Christian Giesler and drummer Ventor through an 18 song set that included an amazing light show with lots of roaming backlights and colored lights throughout the night. Petrozza delivers a passionate and fierce performance both on vocals and guitar and he even had the crowd in this small hall separate and participate in a wall of death.

Also out supporting a new album Gods of Violence (released January 2017), the band played five songs from that album and all totally crushed live. The band mixed in such classics as “Phobia” and “Extreme Aggression” but the highlight of the night was a brutal live version of “Enemy of God”. The regular set ended with “Civilization Collapse” and then a four song encore that ended with none other than the thrash classic “Pleasure to Kill”. 90 minutes of Kreator – it doesn’t get any better than that – a totally killer show.

The 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour will undoubtedly go down as one of the best yet and we all can only wonder how this tour will out due itself in 2018. Catch Kreator, Obituary, Midnight and Horrendous on The 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour through mid-April.

Obituary Set List:

Internal Bleeding | Chopped in Half | Turned Inside Out | Visions in My Head | Find the Arise | ‘Til Death | Don’t Care | Sentence Day | Ten Thousand Ways to Die | Slowly We Rot

Kreator Set List:

Hordes of Chaos| Phobia | Satan Is Real | Gods of Violence | People of the Lie | Total Death | Mars Mantra | Phantom Antichrist | Fallen Brother | Army of Storms | From Flood into Fire | Apocalypticon | World War Now | Hail to the Hordes | Extreme Aggression | Civilization Collapse

Kreator Encore:

The Patriarch | Violent Revolution | Flag of Hate | Under the Guillotine | Pleasure to Kill

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