Paul Hebert

LA’s’ annual FYF Fest comes together again on Saturday

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This year’s highlights includes a vast array of entertainment, stemming from the low-fi goodness of Mika Miko to the mathcore band Dillinger Escape plan.

Our highlights include LA’s own No Age, a two-piece indie band that takes 1980’s punk with 2000’s LA attitude and make something beautiful from it. Though seemingly simple, their lyrics and beats are something to listen to.

Similarly interesting is San Diego’s Wavves, featuring the legendary experimental band Hella’s Zack Hill. His insane rhythms combined with Nathan Williams’ lyrics about drugs, life and having a good time are genuinely pretty cool.

Other things to see include the headliner Black Lips, who have been known not only to put on one hell of a rock show, featuring everything from electric mini-car races to vomiting to guitars on fire in between and even during songs.

Similarly crazy is the always bizarre Tim and Eric, a comedy duo whose show, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” features short snippets of pure insanity. Their live shows feature characters from the show, ranging from David Leibe Hart, a ventriloquist that performs outside the Hollywood Bowl, to Michael Q. Schmidt, an obese man who always is wearing not enough clothes and is known to get naked in front of live audiences.

FYF Fest, formerly known as “F!@# Yeah Fest,” has always been known for a crazy but amazing time. Just by the look of the line-up, this event is sure to live up to its predecessors.

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