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Mac Sabbath @ The Observatory – 06/16/2018

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Mac Sabbath @ The Observatory – 06/16/2018“That was the strangest money I ever spent on concert tickets” was heard exiting the Observatory in Santa Ana on Saturday night June 16 after Drive-Thru metal Kings Mac Sabbath had just played a SOLD-OUT show to the Orange County metal community along with openers Metalachi (The World’s first and only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band) and Elviss Simmons and the Memphis Strutters.

Music fans are always out to have fun and that is exactly what they got at this event was a night of pure FUN as Los Angeles based parody Heavy Metal tribute band Mac Sabbath, the proclaimed founders of “Drive-Thru Metal” that combines the music of Black Sabbath with the imagery of McDonald’s characters along with cleverly and humorously re-written lyrics to poke fun at the corporate fast-food industry including its negative health effects and lack of nutritional value played a long overdue Orange County show. With tickets just $5.00 this show was a no brainer for any heavy metal fan looking for a good time on a Saturday night.

The night started with the return of Elviss Simmons and the Memphis Strutters, a band led by none-other than Elviss Simmons – a mutation of Elvis meets Gene Simmons from KISS – who play KISS songs rockabilly-lounge style while also honoring the King with some Elvis songs thrown in as well as many other rock n roll medleys. Rumor was this was Elviss Simmons first show in several years and they hit the stage and between their style and comedy bit the fans loved every minute. In addition to “Love Gun”, “Viva Las Vegas” and others the band even played a tribute to Lemmy and Motorhead with “Ace of Spades”. A GREAT way to kick-off this crazy night of music.

Up next Metalachi – The World’s first and only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band – took the stage and treated Orange County to Mariachi versions of your favorite heavy metal and rock n roll songs. As stated by the band – the experience goes better with Tequila, Metalachi’s frontman Vega De La Rockha kicked it into high gear taking the crowd through favorites like “Santeria”, “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Don’t Stop Believin” and “Raining Blood” all with some Mexican humor thrown in-between songs. If you are a fan of Steel Panther this band is a MUST see.

Mac Sabbath @ The Observatory – 06/16/2018The anticipation was high for Mac Sabbath as many in attendance were heard stating they had never seen the band play live. Mac Sabbath vocalist Ronald Osbourne , guitarist Slayer MacCheeze , bass player Grimalice and drummer Catburgler put on a hilarious yet musically powerful show that had all in attendance laughing out loud yet headbanging to the classic Black Sabbath anthems. Osbourne cleverly provided some fast food humor in between songs as he then would mimic many of Ozzy’s trademark moves such as the jumping and clapping as well as pretending to throw water on the crowd.

With songs like “Sweet Beef” (Sweet Leaf parody), “Frying Pan” (Iron Man parody) and “More Ribs” (War Pigs parody) the band nails the delivery of the songs and delivers a Big Mac of a stage show resulting in a very polished performance. These guys although not very serious are all extremely talented.

About halfway through the set Osbourne grabbed a hand lamp and began lip-syncing the words to Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” as the band danced around the stage behind him (including Catburgler) – something new to the set. While the band held their own on their respective instruments, Osbourne was without a doubt the center of attention as he brought out a 10ft long straw and had “the employee of the month” pour beer down it into his mouth. Osbourne ended the show as he took a leap into the crowd and body surfed (or maybe clown surfed) around then back to the stage. Members of Metalachi also joined Mac Sabbath on stage to end this epic show. The crowd on this night was very into the band with a large mosh pit throughout and even some crowd surfing of their own kept the security busy.

Although the root of this band is to have fun and parody Black Sabbath, the show was undoubtedly entertaining and the packed house seemed to enjoy the show from start to finish. The addition of Elviss Simmons and Metalachi only added to the overall fun-factor – don’t miss these bands next time around!

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