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Mac Sabbath @ The Regent Theater – 12/29/2017

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Mac Sabbath @ The Regent Theater – 12/29/2017What do fast food giant McDonald’s and Heavy Metal God-Fathers Black Sabbath have in common . . . ? Absolutely nothing aside from the Los Angeles based parody Heavy Metal tribute band Mac Sabbath, the proclaimed founders of “Drive-Thru Metal” that combines the music of Black Sabbath with the imagery of McDonald’s characters. The band cleverly and humorously re-writes the lyrics to poke fun at the corporate fast-food industry including its negative health effects and lack of nutritional value.

On Friday night December 29, Mac Sabbath made a stop at The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles to leave those in attendance with a bit of indigestion while delivering a sonic boom of Sabbath “parody” classics. This was a special night as punk rock veterans 45 Grave opened the show and the infamous punk legends The Dwarves provided direct support for Mac Sabbath. This brought out hordes of punk rockers as well as metal fans making for a fun filled night of music.

45 Grave hit the stage and delivered 45 minutes of dark edged, horror infused punk with vocalist Dinah Cancer leading the way. It was obvious many in attendance were fans of these long time punk rockers by the dancing and sing-alongs.

When The Dwarves hit the stage it was obvious it was going to be an intense, angst driven old school punk show. The band kicked it off with “How It’s Done” as vocalist Blag Dahlia got the crowd going early while fellow long time Dwarves guitarist HeWhoCannotBeNamed, wearing only a jockstrap and his trademark “Rey Mysterio” wrestling mask belted out the simple yet catchy punk chords. Dahlia jumped out into the crowd a few times and got passed around before jumping back on stage as bassist/vocalist Nick Oliveri took lead vocals on a few tunes.

The Dwarves @ The Regent Theater – 12/29/2017The Dwarves set ended about 15 minutes early as Dahlia took a flying leap into the drumkit, scattering its pieces all over the stage. The Dwarves succeeded in delivering a killer set of punk rock classics.

Mac Sabbath vocalist Ronald Osbourne , guitarist Slayer MacCheeze , bass player Grimalice and drummer Catburgler put on a hilarious yet musically powerful show that had all in attendance laughing out loud yet headbanging to the classic Black Sabbath anthems. Osbourne cleverly provided some fast food humor in between songs as he then would mimic many of Ozzy’s trademark moves such as the jumping and clapping as well as throwing water on the crowd.

With songs like Sweet Beef (Sweet Leaf parody), Frying Pan (Iron Man parody) and More Ribs (War Pigs parody) the band nails the delivery of the songs and delivers a Big Mac of a stage show resulting in a very polished performance.

While the band held their own on their respective instruments, Osbourne was without a doubt the center of attention as he brought out a 10ft long straw and had a fan pour beer down it into his mouth and then later in the show took a leap into the crowd and got passed around as he body surfed back to the stage. Although the root of this band is to have fun and parody Black Sabbath, the show was undoubtedly entertaining and the packed house seemed to enjoy the show from start to finish.

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