Chris Loomis

Mac Sabbath @ The Observatory – 11/22/2019

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Music fans are always out to have fun and that is exactly what they got on Friday night November 22 at The Observatory in Santa Ana as Los Angeles based parody Heavy Metal band Mac Sabbath, the proclaimed founders of “Drive-Thru Metal” that combines the music of Black Sabbath with the imagery of the Golden Arch characters along with cleverly and humorously re-written lyrics to poke fun at the corporate fast-food industry, made a triumphant return to the OC. Mac Sabbath has made quite a name for themselves over the last four years and Orange County was overdue for an un-healthy dose of “fast-food metal”.

The show kicked off with “Organic Funeral” that had vocalist Ronald Osbourne hit the stage in a straight-jacket and duplicating Ozzy’s mannerisms to perfection. The remainder of the band, guitarist Slayer MacCheeze, bass player Grimalice and drummer Catburgler played the music of Black Sabbath to perfection as they went into “Sweet Beef”. Now at this point the band was active and giving off some serious energy and the crowd ate right out of their hands by creating a HUGE moshpit – one of the craziest seen at The Observatory recently – and NEVER let up the entire night. Fans were crowd surfing and stage-diving constantly the entire night.

Mac Sabbath has evolved their show effectively and creatively as they have played more gigs, The band had a Giant Lizard come out and play harmonica of the song “The Lizard”, and they even payed tribute to Twisted Sizzler and Motorhead & Shoulders (Twisted Sister and Motorhead) and had Catburgler come out from behind his kit to sing lead vocals on “Bread” (parody of KISS’ Beth) and then the band played “Love Buns” – another nod to KISS. A couple of cool additions that would make all the bands proud to be included into a Mac Sabbath show.

The night ended with “Frying Pan” and “Pair-a-Buns” as Osbourne not once but twice took a flying leap into the crowd to be passed around before getting back onstage. This show is PURE entertainment that simultaneously puts a smile on your face and making you head bang all night long. Keep an eye out for Mac Sabbath to hit your town and be sure catch the show – you will not be disappointed!

Tarter Control opened the show with some humorous punk anthems before punk rock veterans 45 Grave led by the spunky Dinah Cancer schooled Orange County in some of the original horror themed punk anthems.

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