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Marduk @ Union Nightclub – 08/18/2017

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Marduk @ Union Nightclub - 08/18/2017On August 18, 2017, Los Angeles played host to a night of black and death metal like no other. The gathering at Union Nightclub included Sweden’s own Marduk, as well as death metal veterans Incantation. Upstairs in the Disco room, the masses flocked to the waist-high stage to hear unholy messages and gaze upon the anti-messiahs. Ritual and Abysmal Dawn kicked off the night, acting as the perfect appetizer for the mighty Marduk. At the end of the night the audience was left wanting more, but they were happy to have taken part in the black metal ritual.

Ritual took the stage in full corpse paint ready to put on a show. Vocalist and guitarist Ian Fleming played a guitar that had no head stock, which added a unique element to their sound as well as their aesthetic. London May, of Samhain, was an unrivaled force behind the drum kit. The crowd, although still thin at this point, gave Ritual their undivided attention and seemed to enjoy the set.

Abysmal Dawn is a local staple of the death metal community, and an obvious choice to support Marduk on tour. Vocalist and guitarist Charles Elliott is an intense frontman who knows how to command the attention of a crowd. Members of the audience even chanted Elliot’s name between songs. It was during Abysmal Dawn’s set that mosh pits began to break out at the instruction of the band.

Incantation appeared on stage and was immediately met with requests from the crowd to play songs off of their newest album. The band is touring in support of Profane Nexus, which is hot off the press, having just been released on August 11. With that welcome, it was safe to say that their fans are enjoying the new music. Twenty-five years have not slowed Incantation down, as they were able to fully engage their audience and do so with high energy.

When Marduk appeared onstage at Union, the crowd exploded into a giant mosh pit that encompassed the entire floor of the Disco room. Those in the first few rows felt the pressure of the patrons that attempted to push their way forward. Marduk captivated the audience with his piercing stare that, if looks could kill, would leave no man standing. In ancient Mesopotamia, Marduk was the patron deity of Babylon, and as the band played their set they were worshipped not as gods, but as the devils that are prevalent in their songwriting. The band played a phenomenal set that included songs such as “The Blond Beast,” “Throne of Rats,” and “Wolves.” With each song that they played, the crowd seemed to grow increasingly rowdy and ecstatic. Marduk closed the show with the song “The Black Tormenter of Satan” to bring the black mass to an end.

Black metal titans Marduk have teamed up with Incantation to bring fans an unforgettable night of blasphemy and debauchery. Adding Abysmal Dawn and Ritual to the bill made the perfect black and death metal storm. August 18th marked the first show of this tour, and you would be hard pressed to find a better lineup. When this tour decimates a city near you, make sure that you have a ticket to witness the destruction!

Marduk Setlist:

Frontschwein | The Blond Beast | Slay the Nazarene | Materialized in Stone | The Levelling Dust | Throne of Rats | Warschau III: Necropolis | Cloven Hoof | To the Death’s Head True | Souls for Belial | Wartheland | Beyond the Grace of God | Wolves | Panzer Division Marduk | The Black Tormenter of Satan


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