Holly Jessup

Marilyn Manson @ The Grove of Anaheim 8/24/09

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Monday night at the Grove proved to be a typical Manson experience to behold; Satan was of course mentioned, the good book was consumed in flames and tossed across the stage along with mystery liquid being spewed out from Manson’s big red lips and onto the already sweat moistened brows of the front and center crowd.

There has been talk of Manson losing his touch as he has gotten older (especially after last year’s “Eat Me, Drink Me”), however the 40-year-old Manson of Monday night still had plenty of spunk, swagger, and stage presence.

The undeniably likeable “Wow” and “Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon” turned up the rhythmic heat in the audience, in addition to exciting classics like “The Dope Show,” “The Beautiful People,” and “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”

Manson donned a variety of crazy hats throughout the evening, each one carefully selected to coincide with the words and feel of the particular songs that were being played; Command General get-up for swastika song, American flag worn as a cape for song about America, etc.

One particularly thrilling moment happened early on when “We’re from America” was played directly after Manson took a few minutes to address the bible-thumping protesters that had assembled outside the venue to protest his visit to the O.C. Manson told the audience about a sign he had seen outside that read “God Hates Marilyn Manson and Fags,” then launched into the lyrics “We’re from America, where we eat our young.” A seemingly appropriate way to continue the show and a way for Manson to reiterate his views on American evangelical hypocrisy.

The show ended with little shreds of white confetti paper wafting through the air and falling onto the Grove audience that watched Manson towering high on the stage, a tall, unbreakable shadow. Yes, everyone will come to your funeral Marilyn, but you aren’t dead yet, et-least when your at the Grove you are very much alive and kicking.

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