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Marty Friedman @ The Parish Room – 08/27/2017

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Marty Friedman @ The Parish Room – 08/27/2017Anaheim was hit with a Wall of Sound on Sunday night August 27 as the tour of the same name hit The Parish Room at House of Blues featuring Marty Friedman, Scale the Summit and The Fine Constant. The capacity crowd at the 400 person venue proved that instrumental music is in demand as each of the bands played sets of nothing but instrumentals with no vocals – a true testament to musical talent.

The Fine Constant hit the stage to open the show and this three piece consisting of two 8 string guitar players along with a drummer proceeded to captivate the early attendees with their musical mastery.  Guitar solos were frequent throughout and The Fine Constant certainly made some new fans on this night.

The Fine Constant Photo Gallery:

Now also a three-piece unit, Scale The Summit took the stage next and picked up right where The Fine Constant left off. Another power trio that fit perfectly between The Fine Constant and Marty Friedman, Scale the Summit  delivered 10-fold during their time onstage delighting fans both old and new.

Scale the Summit Photo Gallery:

Now the night was perfect up till this point as Marty Friedman and his band were scheduled to take the stage at 10:00pm but 10:10pm came and went, 10:30pm came and went and still no sign of Friedman. The fans were getting restless as loud chants of “Marty”, “Marty” came and went and then finally at 10:40pm Friedman appeared onstage as the crowd went crazy.

Now this started the almost perfect set as he and his band assembled around the drumset and blasted into “Hyper Doom” only to have no sound coming from Friedman’s guitar which obviously infuriated him and he stopped the show so his guitar tech could fix the problem and then the band re-assembled around the drumset and began again, this time with no issue and the band began their 75 minute onslaught of pure instrumental magic as each member of the band delivered a deadly performance.

Friedman gained popularity as a member of Megadeth from 1990 to 2000 but has also released some extremely creative solo albums that really let his guitar mastery shine as he is more than a shredder, he is a maestro of the six strings. And the songs are not just a shred fest, they are full on instrumental compositions that let each member of his band shine. Bass player Kiyoshi Manii is as talented as she is beautiful as she put on a magnificent display on how to play bass and her rhythm partner, drummer Chargeeee plays a hard hitting, over the top style that has him standing as much as sitting.

Friedman’s fellow axeman in the band Jordan Ziff is quite the shredder himself as he goes toe to toe with Friedman throughout the show. The highlight for many of the metal-heads and Megadeth fans was Friedman’s solo from the Megadeth song “Tornado of Souls” as that received the most crowd movement of the night. There was definitely no low point of the show as Friedman is an intense and emotional player who blew you away song after song.

Marty Friedman definitely has his army of longtime fans and it was without a doubt he made some new fans on this night as well. The new Marty Friedman album Wall of Sound is out now and you should drop what you are doing and go buy a copy – your ears will thank you!

Marty Friedman Setlist:

Hyper Doom | Amagi Goe | Street Demon | Elixir | Stigmata Addiction | Devil Take Tomorrow | Tibet/Angel | Ashes to Ashes / Forbidden / Tornado of Souls medley | Ripped | Inferno | Whiteworm | Self-Pollution | Undertow | Thunder March / Barbie Bandits

Encore: Kaeritakunatta Ko

Marty Friedman Photo Gallery

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