Max & Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots @ The Observatory - 03/04/2017 -

Max & Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots @ The Observatory – 03/04/2017


Max & Iggor Cavalera @ The Observatory - 03/04/2017The string of blockbuster heavy music tours continued in Orange County as the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Crowbar, Nile and Overkill passed through recently and the last night of the Max & Iggor Cavalera’s Return to Roots tour hit The Observatory in Santa Ana on Saturday night March 4 with direct support from Immolation and Full of Hell. Making their initial trek across the USA in 2016, Max & Iggor took the 20 year celebration of their legendary Roots album out on the road for a final time from February 9 to March 4 ending on this night in Orange County.

Local openers Art of Shock and Sangre, both very popular on the local scene, did a fine job in their role to kick off this night of extreme music. With Max Cavalera a big fan of Full of Hell, it was no surprise they opened each night of this tour. Full of Hell’s perfect blend of Grindcore and Death Metal result in a delivery that is nothing short of brutal chaos. The band delivered a crushing set that definitely got the blood flowing inside the veins of those in attendance.

IMG_1353Immolation, out supporting their February 24 release Atonement, is one of the most consistent and pulverizing death metal bands in existence. Atonement, their 10th studio release is a masterpiece and is some of their best work to date which was demonstrated by the fact they played five songs from the album sprinkled with older material in between. Vocalist and bass player Ross Dolan not only has the best hair in Death Metal but one of the most brutal vocal deliveries that is the main ingredient in their sonic assault. Dolan thanked the Cavalera brothers for taking them out on this tour and for inspiring Immolation to create extreme music.

The dual guitar attack of Robert Vigna and Alex Bouks along with longtime drummer Steve Shalaty complete the Immolation lineup and all destroyed their respective instruments while on stage. Immolation promised they would be back to Santa Ana in 2017 and that day can’t come soon enough.

Immolation Set List:

The Distorting Light | Kingdom of Conspiracy | Majesty and Decay | Destructive Currents  | Swarm of Terror | Fostering the Divide | Immolation | When the Jackals Come | A Spectacle of Lies | Epiphany

Max & Iggor Cavalera hit the stage just prior to 11:00pm along with bassist Tony Campos and guitarist Marc Rizzo with loud chants of SEP-UL-TURA, SEP-UL-TURA from the near capacity crowd. Max took no time in getting the crowd into the show as the band kicked into “Roots Bloody Roots” to begin the journey through the entire Roots album from start to finish. The crowd immediately started circle pits and crowd surfing as everyone in attendance was jumping up and down to this classic Sepultura track.

Immolation @ The Observatory - 03/04/2017Max Cavalera looked better than ever and he seemed much looser and into the show than on recent tours as he was headbanging and moving around the stage as he commanded the crowd. Playing their respective instruments with intensity equaling Max’s output, bassist Tony Campos and guitarist Marc Rizzo, each on their end of the stage did more than justice to every song on the Roots album as they each headbanged in unison throughout the set. For the most part each of the tracks on the Roots album went over well live and this quickly reminded you of in addition to the tribal element of the album, just how heavy and brutal the entire album is.

Speaking of the tribal element of Roots, drummer Iggor Cavalera was nothing but absolutely amazing on drums as he delivered each song with a ferocious percussive attack that only he can do. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing these two brothers, Max & Iggor playing their classic material together. Additional drums were put onstage as all the drummers from the opening bands joined in on the drumming for “Ambush” as the entire album was played in order ending with the brutal track “Dictatorshit”.

Although seeing and hearing Roots in its entirety was the main draw on this night, it was expected that some additional “Cavalera Magic” would be performed as an encore. After Roots, only Max and Iggor appeared onstage as they took the audience through a medley of some of Sepultura’s most brutal songs – “Beneath the Remains”, “Inner Self” and “Desperate Cry” – quite an epic delivery that was one of the highlights of the show. From here it only got better believe it or not as Marc and Tony rejoined the brothers for a cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” and then without a doubt the highlight of the night as Dylan Walker from Full of Hell and Ross Dolan from Immolation joined Max on vocals for a totally killer version of Venom’s “Black Metal”, definitely an epic moment in live metal music!

The band ended the night with a brutal reprise of “Roots Bloody Roots” as the entire venue lost their minds knowing this was the last song of this epic night. This was certainly a night to remember in Santa Ana at The Observatory as Max & Iggor Cavalera proved without a doubt that Roots is definitely an album to be celebrated and that the Cavalera brothers are indeed the kings of heavy music.

Max & Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots Set List:

Roots Bloody Roots | Attitude | Cut-Throat | Ratamahatta | Breed Apart | Straighthate | Spit | Lookaway | Dusted | Born Stubborn | Itsári | Ambush | Endangered Species | Dictatorshit


Beneath the Remains | Inner Self | Desperate Cry | Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover) | Black Metal (Venom cover) | Roots Bloody Roots (Reprise)

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