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Metal Allegiance @ House of Blues Anaheim – 01/21/2015

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Metal Allegiance @ House of Blues Anaheim – 01/21/2015The All-Star metal band Metal Allegiance made their “dry land” debut Wednesday night January 21 at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA (The band’s live debut was on Motorhead’s Motorboat cruise last fall aboard a cruise ship). Spawned from the previous moniker Metal Masters, Metal Allegiance is made up of musicians from metal music’s heaviest and most iconic bands, playing classic metal songs to honor their music heroes and paying homage to the legacy of their own bands. Participants included:

Mark Osegueda (Death Angel) | Chuck Billy (Testament) | Steve “Zetro” Souza (Exodus) | Troy Sanders (Mastodon) | Gary Holt (Exodus) | Scott Ian (Anthrax) | Chris Broderick (Former Megadeth) | Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) | Alex Skolnick (Testament) | David Ellefson (Megadeth) | Rex Brown (Pantera) | Frank Bello (Anthrax) | Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah) | Jimmy Bain (Dio) | Charlie Benante (Anthrax) | Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs) | John Tempesta (former Testament) | Tom Hunting (Exodus)

This amazing lineup put on an epic show that had all the different members playing together throughout the night. The show began with the trio from Anthrax, Ian, Benante & Bello jamming out a cover of the Stormtroopers of Death classic metal anthem “March Of The SOD” and were then joined by Troy Sanders for two more S.O.D. thrashers. Next Mark Osegueda took over vocal duty for the next several songs as he nailed classics by Juda Priest, Accept, Dio and Ozzy showing the diversity in his voice you don’t normally get to hear with Death Angel.

Metal Allegiance @ House of Blues Anaheim – 01/21/2015The guitar duo of Chris Broderick and Alex Skolnick nailed Judas Priest’s “Victim of Changes” and the different guitar duos kept rotating throughout the night. Gary Holt and Andreas Kisser, Andreas Kisser and Scott Ian, Chris Broderick and Scott Ian, etc, etc. It was beyond amazing to see these superstars playing together on the same stage and without a doubt having a tremendous amount of fun doing so. Chuck Billy from Testament made his first appearance on lead vocals for a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” along with former bandmate John Tempesta on drums. Billy was then joined by vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza from Exodus for a killer version of UFO’s “Light’s Out”.

Former Rainbow/Dio bassist Jimmy Bain came out to play bass on two Rainbow classics “Stargazer” and “Kill the King”. Next was a highlight of the night as Chuck Billy took over vocals and delivered crushing versions of Sepultura’s “Attitude”, “Refuse/Resist” and “Territory” with Andreas Kisser and Scott Ian on guitar. The primary rotating bass players, David Ellefson, Rex Brown and Frank Bello along with the primary drummers, Charlie Benante, Mike Portnoy and John Tempesta held down the rhythm section in fine form. Another highlight of the night was Alex Skolnick taking lead guitar on a few Van Halen songs including “Eruption” while using a yellow and black striped EVH guitar.

Would this All-Star marathon ever end, well unfortunately yes as ALL the performers took the stage to perform covers of “Cold Gin” and “I Love it Loud” from KISS then the night ended with an grand version of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. It was quite an epic scene to have all these stars onstage together, a great way to end a special night. Metal Allegiance is scheduled to play the Shiprocked 2015 Cruise in early February.

Set List:

March Of The SOD (Ian, Bello, Benante) | Sargent D And The S.O.D. (Sanders, Ian, Bello, Benante) | Freddy Krueger (Sanders, Ian, Bello, Benante) | Rapid Fire (Osegueda, Skolnick, Ian, Ellefson, Benante) | Victim of Changes (Osegueda, Skolnick, Broderick, Brown, Benante) | Fast as a Shark (Osegueda, Holt, Kisser, Ellefson, Portnoy ) | Balls to the Wall (Osegueda, Holt, Kisser, Ellefson, Portnoy) | Into the Void (Osegueda, Kisser, Bello, Benante) | Heaven and Hell (Osegueda, Kisser, Ellefson, Broderick, Portnoy) | Diary of a Madman (Osegueda, Skolnick, Broderick, Bello, Portnoy) | Cold Sweat (Billy, Broderick, Ellefson, Tempesta) | Lights Out (Billy, Broderick, Brown, Tempesta) | Stargazer (Osegueda, Holt, Kisser, Bain, Tempesta ) | Kill the King (Osegueda, Holt, Kisser, Bain, Tempesta ) | Piranha (Souza, Holt, Kisser, Bello, Benante) | Attitude (Billy, Kisser, Ian, Bello, Benante) | Refuse/Resist (Billy, Kisser, Ian, Bello, Benante, Portnoy) | Territory (Billy, Kisser, Ellefson, Ian, Portnoy) | Murders in the Rue Morgue (Osegueda, Broderick, Ian, Bello, Benante) | Revelations (Osegueda, Skolnick, Broderick, Bello, Benante) | Runnin’ With the Devil (Skolnick, T. Sanders, Portnoy, K. Sanders) | Eruption (Skolnick, T. Sanders, Portnoy) | You Really Got Me (Skolnick, T. Sanders, Portnoy, K. Sanders) | Atomic Punk (Skolnick, T. Sanders, Portnoy, K. Sanders) | Cold Gin (Everybody) | I Love It Loud (Everybody) | Highway to Hell (Everybody)

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