Eric Schackne

Milow The Girl @ Genghis Cohen 9/14/2012

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It’s Friday night, the end of a long week for the workin’ folks or the beginning of the day for most musicians.  In a dimly-lit side room cloaked by a chinese restaurant, Genghis Cohen provides an intimate stage for some of the best up-and-coming singer songwriters and musical talent.  Milow The Girl takes the stage with two female singers and a male acoustic guitarist, all equipped with vocal mics.  This setup took me by surprise, having previously listened to their full-band recordings before the show.  Upon talking to lead singer, Sylvia after the show, I found out that this was an experimental performance in order to showcase the lyrics beneath their typical electro-infused pop rock sound.

The show kicked off with an enthusiastic intro from the PA, “Please welcome Milow The Girl” (pronounced My-low by the way).  Their first song immediately brought a 90’s pop rock feel to the room and I knew I would be searching for some Cranberries to listen to on the way home.  The second song was along the same lines with an interesting “Vogue”-esque spoken word breakdown.  As the third song kicked off, I realized that Milow The Girl was the type of group that performed in their own world while on stage, leaving the audience to remain as merely that, watching the artists showcase their tunes.

With the next two songs having some new textures, adding a delay to the acoustic and some more vocal layering, Sylvia apologized for not talking more.  Being a native of Switzerland and living in countless other countries has provided her a unique accent, and she may have actually charmed us more had she spoken to the audience a bit.  The one moment she chose to speak was before their final song titled “Beautiful World.”  Sylvia delivered a short but powerful intro about animal cruelty and a call to self awareness for our actions.  Being one of the most commercial in my opinion, this was a great closer for Milow The Girl.

New music can be tough to receive in the best context, and while some of the songs had somewhat of a rough start rhythmically or vocally, the grooves and harmonies eventually grew on me.  In my conversation with the group afterward, they did confess that they had only rehearsed for about an hour before this acoustic show, which I found pretty stellar for the confidence in the majority of their set.  Also, while each song didn’t seem stylistically similar to what I would hear on the radio in the states nowadays, each song was actually pretty catchy in their own right.

Milow The Girl is typically a full band with two backup vocalists, drums, bass and an acoustic guitar.  Entering their third year together, they are gearing up for a tour in early 2013, so check them out online to stay updated on their upcoming tour dates.

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