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Ministry @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/22/2018

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Ministry @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/22/2018With their 14th studio album hot off the press – AmeriKKKant – released on March 9, Industrial Metal Kings Ministry kicked off the 2018 AmeriKKKant Tour on Thursday night March 22 at The House of Blues in Anaheim. With a touring lineup that of course has Al Jourgensen on vocals/guitars and Sin Quirin on guitars also includes Tony Campos (Fear Factory/Asesino) on bass, Cesar Soto on guitars, John Bechdel on keyboards, DJ Swamp (Beck) scratching, Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) doing guest vocals and finally Derek Abrams on drums  . . . “It’s really a dream lineup for nightmare times” states Jourgensen (read’s interview with Al Jourgensen here). Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison was originally scheduled to take on the drumming duties for this tour but had last minute scheduling conflicts which forced him to sit out this run.

On this first night of a 26 date North American Tour, Ministry hit the stage at 9:30pm and unleashed 90 minutes of chaos that included six tracks off the new AmeriKKKant album mixed in with several Ministry classics that made for a killer show. The band kicked off the set with the live debut of the new track “Twilight Zone” that allowed Uncle Al to showcase his harmonica playing skills . . . the 8 minute song was a great choice to start the night. The stage was bookended with giant Donald Trump inflatable chickens with a large anti-nazi sign on them and also was backed by a large video screen showing various political and turbulent imagery throughout the show.

Ministry @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/22/2018The second song had Burton C. Bell take the stage and ferociously sing lead vocals on “Victims of a Clown” while Jorgensen donned a guitar for the entire song then the band went right into the up-tempo “Punch in the Face”. Jourgensen was extremely energized and full of energy and his vocals were powerful and spot on as he went between his different microphones each producing a different effect and also using a megaphone for distortion during “Lies Lies Lies”. Uncle Al’s side-kick Sin Quirin was smoking hot on guitar as usual often playing at the edge of the stage and making direct contact with fans. Quirin’s guitar partner in crime Cesar Soto creates his own smoke show on the six string while Tony Campos stomps about both around the stage as well on his bass. Drummer Derek Abrams anchors the band with his precision drumming all while John Bechdel and DJ Swamp keep things interesting with keyboards and samples.

Bell returned on stage for two more songs – to sing lead on “We’re Tired of It” and for his speaking part on “Wargasm” – both off AmeriKKKant. During “Antifa” two Antifa soldiers in black masks waving large red and black flags marched back and forth across the stage for the duration of the song while news imagery played on the large video screen. The crowd took it up a few levels as the band blasted into “Just One Fix”, “N.W.O.” and “Thieves” where mosh pits broke out along with some crowd surfing as Jourgensen strummed out some of the lead riffs on his guitar. With very little dialog in-between songs, Jourgensen concentrated on delivering a stellar performance and he certainly succeeded in doing so as the band ended the set with “So What” and then returned for a one song encore of “Bad Blood”.

The first night of the tour was an overwhelming success and Ministry proved that their new material is as strong as ever and that they can continue to deliver in a live setting.

The night started off with The God Bombs, followed by a mesmerizing set by Chelsea Wolfe. The AmeriKKKant Tour runs through late April and all Ministry fans and extreme music fans in general should not miss this show. Pick up your tickets today and don’t forget to get your copy of AmeriKKKant.

Ministry Set List:

Twilight Zone | Victims of a Clown (Burton C Bell on Vocals) | TV5/4Chan | Punch in the Face | Señor Peligro | Lies Lies Lies | Rio Grande Blood | We’re Tired of It (Burton C Bell on Vocals) | Wargasm | Antifa | Just One Fix | N.W.O. | Thieves | So What

Encore: Bad Blood

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Chelsea Wolfe Photo Gallery:

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