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Ministry @ House of Blues San Diego – 12/18/2018

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Ministry @ House of Blues San Diego – 12/18/2018Al Jourgensen and Ministry released their 14th studio album AmeriKKKant on March 9, 2018, an album that paints a grim outlook of America on the brink of collapse and after a brief North America tour earlier in 2018, Ministry has hit the US again with a second leg of the tour supporting AmeriKKKant. As usual Southern California lucked out with multiple shows as Ministry stopped at House of Blues in San Diego on Tuesday December 18 with TWO shows to follow at The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles December 20 & 21 to end the tour. Joining Ministry in the opening slots on this trek are New Zealand thrashers Alien Weaponry and French synthwave artist Carpenter Brut.

The first thing you notice when Ministry hit the stage is another one of Al Jourgensen’s creative Mic stands, a four-foot tall cross illuminated with orange lights with three microphones attached to it. Jourgensen has a history of interesting mic stands and it’s always fascinating to see what he comes up with next. The night was filled with Ministry music new and old with not much in between as the band kicked off the first half of the show by playing the entire AmeriKKKant album from start to finish. All the songs go over well in a live setting, most a bit slower than the usual Ministry track but all are very catchy and have a hypnotizing groove to them . . . and the lyrics of course are very relevant to the state of America today with many references to President Trump.

The same cast of characters were present as on the first leg of the tour, long-time guitarist Sin Quirin who shredded up the place along with his six-string partner in crime Cesar Soto (Jourgensen also played guitar during some songs making for a triple attack). Tony Campos on bass and the drumming monster Derek Abrams hold down the rhythm and you can’t have Ministry without keyboards/Synthesizers and Mr. John Bechdel handles that perfectly.

Ministry @ House of Blues San Diego – 12/18/2018Jourgensen is always a bit outspoken but mainly focused on the music and he put on a killer performance, he sounded great and looked even better. After the band concluded the AmeriKKKant album, things really got crazy especially with the one, two, three punch of “Just One Fix”, “N.W.O.” and “Thieves” played back to back to back. For the entire set the lights were as crazy as the music and vivid images of political implosion and random strangeness flashed across the large video backdrop.

Ministry proved once again they are the undisputed heavyweight champions of Industrial metal with a killer performance from start to finish. It is unclear if this is the end of the AmeriKKKant touring cycle for Ministry but there is no doubt we will surely hear from Uncle Al again soon whether it is with Ministry, or one of his other projects, Lard, Surgical Meth Machine or maybe Revolting Cocks . . . only time will tell but the world needs more Al Jourgensen!

Straight out of Waipu, New Zealand, Alien Weaponry opened the show in a HEAVY way. Founded by brothers Henry (drums) and Lewis (guitar/vocals) de Jong along with bassist Ethan Trembath, this teenage trio is the real deal – think Gojira heavy and that is similar to the heaviness these boys deliver. They CRUSHED a thirty-minute set making their Southern California debut and Alien Weaponry surely made LOTS of new fans on this night. Big things are in this band’s future! Catch them on some of the big festivals in the US in 2019.

Carpenter Brut next delivered 45 minutes of synthwave instrumentals along with guitarist Adrien Grousset and drummer Florent Marcadet. Although you can easily Google search for information on Carpenter Brut, he prefers to use that stage name in all references to maintain anonymity so the fans can focus on the music. You may recognize the name Carpenter Brut as he recently did a dance remix of Ghost’s mega-hit “Dance Macabre”.

Ministry Setlist

I Know Words | Twilight Zone | Victims of a Clown | TV5/4Chan | We’re Tired of It | Wargasm | Antifa | Game Over | AmeriKKKa | The Land of Rape and Honey | The Missing | Deity | Stigmata | Just One Fix | N.W.O. | Thieves | So What

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