Mogwai @ The Observatory North Park – 11/20/2017 -

Mogwai @ The Observatory North Park – 11/20/2017


Post-rock Scottish legends, Mogwai, conquered The Observatory North Park on Monday night November 20th with their lengthy instrumentals. Known for creating a soundscape that unfurls layers upon layers of melodies and rhythms to create a massive wave of auditory delight, Mogwai played to an international crowd, many fans travelled from Canada, Mexico, and the UK to see them in San Diego.

Band members, talented multi-instrumentalists, had little to say in between songs other than, “Cheers.” No matter, fans were there to get lost in the sweeping waves of sound.

Fan Carlos Piñeda said, “Their setlist changes dramatically from night to night which is a real treat for long-time fans that know their whole catalog.” Indeed, it is hard to predict what the band will play at any given show. At The Observatory, fans were treated to several tracks from their new album Every Country’s Sun, released this past September. Crowd favorites were “Party in the Dark,” “Take Me Somewhere Nice,” and “Ithica 27-9”


Coolverine | Jim Morrison | Party in the Dark | Take Me Somewhere Nice | Crossing the Road Material | Ithica 27-9 | Brain Sweeties | Hunted By A Freak | Don’t Believe the Fife | Auto Rock | I Can’t Remember | Old Poisons