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In This Moment @ House of Blues Anaheim – 04/13/2018

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In This Moment @ House of Blues Anaheim - 04/13/2018Friday the 13th saw In This Moment’s “The Witching Hour” tour hit House of Blues in Anaheim with support from Ded and The Word Alive. This month long tour has In This Moment still out supporting their 2017 release The Ritual while Ded is on their touring cycle for their 2017 debut Mis•an•thrope and The Word Alive is out promoting their upcoming May 2018 release Violent Noise.

Both Ded and The Word Alive had their fair share of fans in the audience on this night as it got off to an early start at 7:00pm as Ded succeeded in spawning a fair sized mosh pit then The Word Alive hit the stage with a high energy show that also saw the fans letting loose with a circle pit. While some may think this triple bill was an odd pairing it certainly worked well based on fan reaction.

At 9:30pm the lights dimmed and the band took the stage followed by a grand entrance from Maria Brink as the night started with the title track off 2012’s Blood. For the next 90 minutes the band led by Brink put on a theatrical show showcased by Brink’s costume changes for each song as well as her dancing and stage movements. The stage had three large video screens projecting images and lighting that perfectly matched the theme of each song.

In addition to Brink on vocals the band is tighter than ever dressed in apocalyptic themed clothing and masks. Guitarists Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel traded off licks on their flying V’s while the rhythm section of Travis Johnson on bass and Kent Diimmel on drums held down the backend. Although Brink is clearly the centerpiece of the band, there was lots of band interaction and smiles on stage making it obvious all were having fun.

In This Moment @ House of Blues Anaheim - 04/13/2018Some of the highlights of the night included Brink’s solo performance on “Lay Your Gun Down” while playing piano, a kick-ass instrumental the band belted out of Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Creeping Death” followed by an impressive drum solo by Diimmel. The middle of the show had the killer songs “Black Wedding” and “Big Bad Wolf” back to back then a cover of Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”.

A really genuine moment was when Brink addressed the crowd to truly thank them for choosing to come to the show and spend time with the band and also fellow strangers in the audience who all have the love of music in common. She also took the time to have all the active military and veterans raise their hands and thanked them for their service.

Brink has become somewhat of a heavy metal Cher (similar to how Cher would change costumes for each song) and although it does add a bit of delay in between songs it is definitely worth the wait as the visuals of her along with the lighting and backdrop images make for the ultimate show. The band ended the night with “Oh Lord” then left the stage returning for a one song encore of the fan favorite and very personal song to Brink, “Whore”.

All three bands kicked ass on this night making for the total package. In This Moment’s “The Witching Hour” tour runs through April 28 before a female-fronted tour beginning in May with Halestorm, New Years Day and Stitched Up Heart.

In This Moment Setlist:

Blood | River of Fire | Adrenalize | Roots | Burn | Lay Your Gun Down | Monster Jam | Black Wedding | Big Bad Wolf | In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover) | The Infection | Sick Like Me | Oh Lord

Encore: Whore

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