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In This Moment @ Riverside Municipal Auditorium – 10/25/2017

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In This Moment @ Riverside Municipal Auditorium - 10/25/2017On October 25, the Half God/Half Devil tour made a stop at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium and tipped the very scales of good and evil. Avatar, Of Mice and Men, and headliners In This Moment are on tour this fall in support of In This Moment’s sixth studio album entitled Ritual, which was released earlier this year. The show that Riverside was lucky enough to witness on Wednesday night was indeed a spectacle akin to a religious experience. Top notch musicianship, elaborate stage set ups, and intricate costumes combined to give the concertgoers a night that left them questioning whether they were on the side of God or the Devil.

Avatar started the festivities at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium, and they hit the stage in attire reminiscent of a circus ringleader. The look was only fitting, as it drew a parallel to their hit song, “Smells Like a Freakshow.” For the entirety of the set, the band had no shortage of energy, and they commanded the audience to behold their sideshow act. They played through popular Avatar songs such as “Bloody Angel,” “The Eagle Has Landed,” and of course the aforementioned favorite, “Smells Like a Freakshow,” with which they closed their set. This Swedish metal band is one that knows how to put on an entertaining performance for their fellow freaks!

In This Moment @ Riverside Municipal Auditorium - 10/25/2017In This Moment closed the show in Riverside with an adrenaline-fueled hour and a half set that was engaging from beginning to end. Theatrical is one of the best ways to describe In This Moment’s live show, and it left the audience begging for more. Shrouded in fog and various elaborate costumes, Maria Brink entranced her fans with her sheer talent and beauty. Brink and her family of bandmates were flawless in their recital of new material from their latest album, as well as long-time favorites, including “Blood,” “Roots,” and “Sick Like Me.” The live show is what sets In This Moment apart from other metal acts, as it is clear that the band wants to put on the best possible show for their adoring Blood Legion. They even invite their fans to dress up in their favorite In This Moment attire when attending live concerts, and “become the show.” The band utilizes choreography and back up dancers to bring the show to life. At the end of their set, the audience called for an encore, and Brink stepped up to a podium and donned a dunce hat to oblige the request as the band closed with “Whore.” You would be hard pressed to find a better concert than this one, so make sure you take part in the Ritual!

The Half God/Half Devil Tour is a sight not to be missed. All of the bands that took the stage on Wednesday gave exemplary performances, and the fans moshed and danced all night long. In This Moment chose well with Avatar and Of Mice and Men as their tour support, as all of the acts complement each other well. If you are looking to attend a great (as well as entertaining and theatrical) metal show, look no further than the Half God/Half Devil Tour!

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