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Morbid Angel @ The Observatory – 11/27/2019

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The Sickness Tour featuring headliners Morbid Angel with Watain and Incantation made a stop at The Observatory in Santa Ana the night before Thanksgiving on Wednesday November 27. The SoCal rain or the grid-lock holiday traffic did not keep the die-hard metal fans away as the three heavyweight extreme metal band played to a capacity crowd in Orange County.

Both Incantation and Watain but on a brutal display of heavy music with the standout being Watain as it seemed almost as many fans were in attendance to see these Swedish Black Metal Kings. Just prior to the start of this tour, Watain experienced a setback coming to the USA as guitarist Pelle had working Visa revoked not allowing him to participate in the tour. The band did not let this effect their plans as they are performing as a four piece with vocalist Erik Danielsson taking on double duty with vocals and playing bass.

Morbid Angel is still out supporting their December 2017 release Kingdoms Disdained and most likely the last we will see of the band on this touring cycle. The band played four songs off Kingdoms all at the beginning of the set opening with the brutal “Piles of Little Arms” then focused on older material mostly from the Steve Tucker era Morbid Angel.

The highlight of any Morbid Angel show is always watching and hearing the guitar master Trey Azagthoth blaze through the amazing sounds he makes with his six-string weapon. The night ended with the vocal pummeling of Steve Tucker as he and the band belted out the ultra-heavy “Nothing is Not” from 1998’s Formulas Fatal to the Flesh.

Morbid Angel Set List & Photo Gallery:

Piles of Little Arms | D.E.A.D. | Garden of Disdain | Architect and Iconoclast | Unholy Blasphemies | Day of Suffering | Blasphemy | Abominations | Prayer of Hatred | Rapture | Summoning Redemption | I | Nothing is Not

Watain Set List & Photo Gallery:

Sworn to the Dark | Nuclear Alchemy | Reaping Death | I am the Earth | Furor Diabolicus | Malfeitor | Total Funeral | On Horns Impaled

Incantation Set List & Photo Gallery:

Entrantment of Evil | Carrion Prophecy | Rites of the Locust | Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies | Dying Divinity | The Ibex Moon | Impending Diabolical Conquest

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