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Mushroomhead @ 1720 – 09/02/2018

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Mushroomhead @ 1720 – 09/02/2018The Summer of Screams tour headlined by the mighty Mushroomhead stopped in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday night September 2. Despite the holiday weekend, droves of fans packed into 1720, a new warehouse style venue in the heart of the city. Along for the ride on this tour is Unsaid Fate, as well as Kissing Candice, and The Browning. This blazer of a lineup scorched Southern California on this night!

Along with many talented supporting acts, Unsaid Fate was the standout opener for this show. Fronted by the beautiful and talented Jackie LaPonza, the band was a crowd favorite. LaPonza’s energy and impressive vocal range contributed to a spectacular set complete with plenty of growls and killer guitar riffs. The band’s catchy songs and liveliness had the audience moving the whole time they were on stage. It’s obvious why they were asked to come along on this tour!

Mushroomhead always puts on a fantastic performance, and their show at 1720 was no exception! A couple of things that make them stand out from the rest are their demon-like masks, and their water drums; two of the percussionists pour water on their toms before they play them, which- you guessed it- means the fans in the first couple rows can expect to get wet! This creates for stunning visuals and lends to the fact that Mushroomhead are master showmen. They also brought the heat with their classic low-pitched guitar chugs, and nu-metal sound.

Although there have been some recent member changes, the band remains a pummeling force live and this new chapter of Mushroomhead cannot make a new album soon enough. The band took you through a journey of their catalog playing hits both old and new with spot on precision.

There are still a few dates left of the Summer of Screams tour, so stay cool for the rest of the season and catch this lineup of talented heavy metal bands!

Mushroomhead Set List:

43 | Kill Tomorrow | Bwomp | Qwerty | Sun Doesn’t Rise | We Are The Truth | Before I Die | Out of My Mind | Never Let It Go | Nowhere to Go | Solitaire/Unraveling | One More Day | For Your Pleasure | Empty Spaces / Born of Desire

Mushroomhead Photo Gallery:

Unsaid Fate Photo Gallery:

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