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Mushroomhead @ Brick by Brick – 05/16/2018

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Mushroomhead @ Brick by Brick - 05/16/2018On Wednesday night May 16, the mighty Mushroomhead returned to Southern California, and decimated Brick by Brick in San Diego, along with a misfit bunch of face-melting metal bands! This time around, opening bands include Ventana, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, and Vyces. This traveling circus of a tour is making their way across the country, leaving devastation in their wake, and introducing the masses to the brand new Mushroomhead lineup. Despite the fact that it was the middle of the week, die-hard fans filed into Brick by Brick, and moshed the night away!

Ventana took the stage, and cranked up the energy in the room tenfold. Although one can hear Mushroomhead’s influence in their music, they possess a unique, heavy industrial sound. Stylishly awaiting the apocalypse, Ventana exploded onto the stage dressed in gasmasks and suits. They played through a few hits including, “Civil War,” “The Dying Sound,” and “Watch us Burn.” Scott Beck is everything a fan could want in a frontman, constantly moving on stage, letting the audience sing a few lyrics, and even crowdsurfing throughout their set. At one point he even stood on the fans’ hands, towering over the audience. With Rick “Stitch” Thomas on keys and vocals, Ventana was a no brainer to open up the crowd for Mushroomhead!

Hailing from Los Angeles, Vyces is the direct support band for Mushroomhead on the current tour, and after watching them perform, it is obvious why. Though not exactly a metal band, their hard-rock style meshed well with the rest of the bands on the bill.  The ability to fit in with bands that do not necessarily match your own style is the mark of a good band. Coupled with their intense energy, Vyces quickly won over the headliner’s crowd. Catchy and relatable, the songs floated over the crowd, and little by little, more patrons started moving to the beat. The band just released a new music video for their single “Tink Luck,” and from the looks of things, Vyces is a band that’s going places!

In anticipation of the headliner, the crowd chanted “Mushroomhead! Mushroomhead! Mushroomhead!” Not fully knowing what to expect, they were eager for their arrival on stage. When they appeared, wearing suits and their signature creepy masks, the audience exploded into a sea of movement. The hardcore Mushroomhead fans quickly noticed the band had different masks, and commented the energy was not quite the same either. Tom Shaffner and Steve Rauckhorst are the new additions to the band, and with a lineup change, an adjustment period is to be expected. Despite this, Mushroomhead put on a great show, and it seemed everyone in attendance had a great time. One of the staples of their live performance is the utilization of watertoms- normal toms with water of top them- which when struck, splash water all over the fans close enough to them. Two members of the band celebrated their birthdays Wednesday night, and a piñata was brought on stage, and Robert Diablo obliged in breaking it open, spilling candy into the audience. Soaking wet and sore from the mosh pit, fans left the venue after enjoying an awesome night of music!

It has been quite some time since Mushroomhead has graced SoCal with their presence, and on May 16, they came back with a vengeance! They have done a phenomenal job in selecting their support bands, and the circus is still making its way around North America. It is not too late to catch the mighty Mushroomhead in action!

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