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New Found Glory @ The Glass House 11/26/2012

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I had one of my scariest experiences in a photo pit Monday night – during one of the open bands.

Fans constantly flying over my head. Getting pressed against the stage. Hitting myself in the face with my camera as I was suddenly jolted forward.

That’s how intense New Found Glory fans were at the band’s tour celebration of the 10th anniversary of its album Sticks and Stones on Monday night at the Glass House in Pomona.

As opener The Story So Far took the stage, I had to constantly dodge crowd-surfers as I tried to get my shots. Usually, it’s a blessing to be the only photographer in the pit (and I was this time), but being only five-foot-two, I had no one around me to fend off surfers besides a few stalky security guards.

Despite almost getting kicked in the head a few times and having my ribs pressed against the stage as guards grabbed surfers, I had a hell of a time.

Before The Story So Far, Seahaven played melodic and alternative songs that didn’t seem to match the rest of the line-up. However, the band still proved itself worthy as fans sang along with singer Kyle Soto, who had a striking resemblance, both in looks and sound, to Hellogoodbye’s Forrest Kline.

Surprisingly, The Story So Far seemed to bring the heaviest and most active crowd of the night.

“It’s an honor to be on this tour,” said vocalist Parker Cannon. “We grew up listening to New Found Glory. They’re a huge inspiration for us.”

Perhaps even the band’s name is a nod to New Found Glory’s song of the same name. But it was also clear that New Found Glory was also interested in The Story So Far as New Found Glory singer Jordan Pundik was seen watching the band from the side of the stage.

For New Found Glory’s set, the band delighted fans with Sticks and Stones in its entirety, as well as other favorites.

Kicking off with “Understatement,” the band was extremely energetic from the beginning of the set to the end.

Pundik moved around the stage constantly, rarely still, along with the other four members of the group.

Despite a lost voice, guitarist Chad Gilbert riled up the crowd as he make funny comments throughout the night, including when his jeans ripped off of him.

“I’m so fucking hardcore,” said a raspy-voiced Gilbert in only his boxers. “I ripped the ass off my pants.”

In fact, none of the New Found Glory guys seemed to show any shame, as bassist Ian Grushka flaunted his token beer belly with the words “Lazy Bones” tattooed on top of his gut.

Fans sang along with the band during its entire set and, even though the crowd wasn’t as rough as it was for The Story So Far, still crowd-surfed and moshed.

“You guys should sing all night,” Pundik said. “You sound great.”

New Found Glory was selectrive about this tour’s venues, Pundik said. He cited that the Glass House was special to the group because they used to play there frequently years ago.

Gilbert also praised another Pomona venue.

“There are so many great people from bands here tonight,” he said, naming bands like Terror. “Bands play all the time at [Aladdin Jr.]. Go to some shows there and support your local scene.”

After the Sticks and Stones set, New Found Glory came back on-stage for an impressive encore of eight songs, including favorites like “All Downhill from Here” and “Hit or Miss.”

New Found Glory set list:
Understatement | My Friends Over You | Sonny | Something I Call Personality | Head On Collision | It’s Been a Summer | Forget My Name | Never Give Up | Great Houdini | Singled Out | Belated | Story So Far | All Downhill From Here | Better Off Dead | Truck Stop Blues | Anthem for the Unwanted | Sincerely Me | 2’s and 3’s | Hold My Hand | Hit or Miss

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