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Nile @ City National Grove – 02/03/2016

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Nile @ City National Grove – 02/03/2016Ancient Egyptian inspired technical death metal heavyweights Nile made a stop at City National Grove in Anaheim Wednesday night February 3 as part of their 2016 What Should Not Be Unearthed tour supporting their newest album of the same name. Also appearing on this mid-week death metal extravaganza were LA based Tormenter and Orange County’s own Empyrean Throne with Lectum Ascensus in direct support.

This night of destruction kicked off at 8:00pm as Tormenter, Empyrean Throne and Lectum Ascensus each gave powerful, aggressive performances to the dedicated death-metal fans in attendance. The standout being the black metal themed Empyrean Throne who gave a haunting performance with a sound similar to Behemoth and they actually ended their set with a cover of Behemoth’s “Ov Fire and The Void”.

At 10:00pm the lights dimmed and Nile took the stage and began a brutal attack on their instruments as they kicked off the night with the devastating “Sacrifice Unto Sebek” and the 60 minute ancient Egyptian themed ritual commenced. The dual vocal/guitar attack of Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade makes for a wicked combination as Toler-Wade’s deep, abrasive vocal delivery combined with Sander’s guttural mummy growls likely rattle tombs in the deepest catacombs. They both also deliver a dose of heavy riffing and technically complicated guitar mastery in parallel. Drummer George Kollias is one of the fastest extreme metal drummers in existence and listening to and watching him live is quite mind boggling as to how a human being can play such complicated music at break neck speeds.

The band mixed up their setlist from throughout their 26 year career and played four songs off their newest album What Should Not Be Unearthed. The band played in front of a huge Nile backdrop and blazed through song after song. The crowd surfing was non-existent but the moshpit was alive and well throughout the entire show. Nile presented their die-hard fans an extreme night of Egyptian death metal and it was obvious nobody went home unsatisfied.

Nile Setlist:

Sacrifice Unto Sebek | Cast Down the Heretic | Defiling the Gates of Ishtar | Kafir! | Hittite Dung Incantation | Call to Destruction | In the Name of Amun | Ithyphallic | The Howling of the Jinn | What Should Not Be Unearthed | The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh | Evil to Cast Out Evil | Sarcophagus | Black Seeds of Vengeance

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