Alex Matthews

OK GO @ NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage – 01/25/2018

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On Thursday January 25th the 2018 NAMM Show was treated to a live performance by indie/pop rockers OK GO on the NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage. The band, featuring members Damian Kulash (vocals), Tim Nordwind (bass), Dan Konopa (percussion) and Andy Ross (guitar) flourish not only with great songwriting, but also by making unique and memorable viral music videos. Their 2007 Grammy winning music video “Here it Goes Again” has been viewed over 40 million times on YouTube alone. Recent videos for songs like “Upside Down & Inside Out” saw the band doing elaborate choreography in a weightless environment aboard a special training plane, and their most recent video “Obsession” utilized 567 inkjet printers and a ton of paper.

For their NAMM performance the band played a set of all their viral hits, while addressing the crowd with funny stories and questions in between songs. Singer Tim Norwind acknowledged the difficulty of playing music for a crowd almost entirely made up of musicians. While guitarist Andy Ross admittedly did a lot of the heavy lifting, playing multiple instruments and leads for most of the songs. The band seemed to be dusting off some cobwebs during their performance but ultimately played a fun uplifting set that was a great first night kick off to the NAMM Show 2018.

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