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Overkill @ The Glasshouse – 09/23/2017


Overkill @ The Glasshouse -09/23/2017The Metal Alliance tour returned in 2017 for its seventh year for a month long trek in the USA. Previous Metal Alliance touring packages have had some of the biggest names in heavy music such as Behemoth, Anthrax and Devildriver and this year’s version continues that theme with Overkill and Crowbar along with Havok, Black Fast and Invidia. The tour made its only Southern California stop at The Glasshouse in Pomona on Saturday night September 23.

On this night, the Los Angeles based metal band Thrown into Exile was the special guest and got the night started at 6:00pm with a blistering set of thrash infused metalcore with a sprinkle of death metal on top.  Although Thrown into Exile has gone through some drastic lineup changes in the last five years, founder and guitarist Mario David Rubio has evolved the band into a force to be reckoned with in the form of the current lineup. This was a special show in Pomona as it was the live debut for new vocalist Joey Dalo who recently joined the band and he proved to be a wise choice. We eagerly await new music from Thrown Into Exile – catch them at Ozzfest on November 4.

Invidia (sepearate review here), Black Fast and modern day thrash masters Havok followed and got the night fully primed for sludge masters Crowbar. The crowd greeted Kirk Windstein and band by getting active in the pit from the first note throughout the performance. The band played a crushing 8 song set that started with “I am the Storm” as the “Riff Lord” Windstein tuned it low and played it slow as he belted out his gravely vocals. The set ended as powerful as it started with “Like Broken Glass” . . . always a solid performance from Crowbar.

Overkill is currently at the top of their game are without a doubt one of the premier thrash bands in existence. Proof of this is their last four albums (2010’s Ironbound, 2012’s The Electric Age, 2014’s White Devil Armory and their most recent, 2017’s The Grinding Wheel) which rival their early material proving that some bands do get better with age.

Crowbar @ The Glasshouse -09/23/2017Their 14 song set spanned throughout their career as the band hit the stage and blasted into “Mean, Green Killing Machine” and vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth ran out to his microphone and delivered stellar vocals and in-between song banter as only he can. Original bassist D.D. Verni has a powerful stage presence with his thunderous bass and backup vocals as the guitar duo of Derek “The Skull” Tailer and Dave Linsk have now both been in the band for over 15 years providing a lethal guitar attack at breakneck speed. Now as if Overkill wasn’t amazing enough they added the incredible Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall) on drums providing some amazing thrash drumming that completes the band.

Classics included in the set included “Hello from the Gutter”, “In Union We Stand” and “Elimination” which blended in well with such new classics as “Goddamn Trouble and “Ironbound”. The band completed their set with their usual closer, a cover of the Subhumans “Fuck You”.

The 2017 version of The Metal Alliance Tour is now in the books and holds up to previous years in terms of talent and extreme music. All the bands – Thrown Into Exile, Invidia, Black Fast, Havok, Crowbar and Overkill offered something for everyone. The announcement for the 2018 Metal Alliance tour can’t come soon enough!

Overkill Setlist:

Mean, Green, Killing Machine | Rotten to the Core | Electric Rattlesnake | Hello From the Gutter | In Union We Stand | Goddamn Trouble | Wrecking Crew | I Hate | Shine On | Ironbound | Thanx for Nothin’

Encore: Horrorscope | Elimination | Fuck You

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