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REVIEW: Blaqk Audio – Bright Black Heaven

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After three years, Davey Havok and Jude Puget, of the band AFI, teamed up again to create Blaqk Audio’s latest release, Bright Black Heaven. The duo created an album that meshes two contrasting genres, rock and electronica, to create noteworthy tracks that compliment each other respectably.

The opening track, “Cold War,” lacks energy to allure a listener. Instead the song sounds like it could be found in a regular AFI record, minus the generic dance beat heard in the background. The beat drags along and it might bring listeners to question how this track was suitable as the opener. The rest of the songs, nevertheless, help restore the sluggish introduction.

The following tack, “Fade To White,” however, immediately shifts the perceived direction into a quick upbeat dance number. Throughout the three minutes, the beat fluctuates into melodic background music and then quickly into something one would hear at a club. It’s definitely one of the most fun on the album.

In most electronic albums, lyrics are usually underemphasized by the beats created and the same can be said for some songs on Bright Black Heaven. Fans of the duo’s previous work or of AFI, however, might make the extra effort to notice the lyrics. It’s not to say Havok’s lyrics are unnecessary, rather his voice helps add an extra layer to the music created.

“Ill-Lit Ships” wraps up the album nicely. Similar to the opener, the song starts off slow and may be confused as a ballad until Puget starts in with his keyboard and synthesizer. The way the two build up momentum, easily makes it one of the notable tracks of the dozen.

As a whole, Bright Black Heaven finds the balance between the two genres.

Unfortunate for SoCal fans the band is performing tomorrow night at The Roxy on Sunset, but tickets are already SOLD OUT.

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