Stephanie Deere

REVIEW: Fiction Reform – ‘Take Your Truth’

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The 90‘s were an excellent decade for music, so it’s no secret (or surprise) bands from that era had a huge influence on Fiction Reform. They’re described as “catchy, hard rockin’ tunes in vein of the Distillers, Foo Fighters, and Rise Against.” Although I hear some Courtney Love or Joan Jett styles on the vocals led by Brenna Red. Today, Fiction Reform is known to be one of the best Orange County punk rock bands out there.

Their second album, Take Your Truth, is highly entertaining, consciously immature, and packed to the brim with old school punk styles. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect as I clicked play on the albums first track, “One Minute More.” The song, containing a quick rhythm, had a solid guitar beat while Brenna’s raspy vocals brought a hardcore edge to the bands punk inspired tunes.

I found “Smoke and Whiskey”, the second track on the album quite catchy, due to swirling distortions and propulsive drums while Brenna snarls the words: Smoke and Whisk-EY throughout the chorus. Next came “Music Monster.” It started with a blast of an echoing guitar, creating a sense of urgency, but it also had a familiar chorus and repeated the words: Music Monst-ER with raucous vocals while ending the third track on the album.

The first three tracks had strikingly similar qualities, yet all the tracks did. Fiction Reform touches on an old school approach of punk rock, for nearly every tune, and it had a chorus that was simply its name of the song. I know we all have our disparate perceptions and definitions on music, but the album was starting to feel like one-long-drawn-out-melody. Though the second to last song, “Death Race” guitarist, Aaron, has a way of producing a free flowing instrumental track that contains hard noise and percussive beats. Lastly, “Hi-Fi Violence” also had some infectious sounds, and it was those final tracks that closed the curtains perfectly.

With all said, the band did pretty well creating fast, hard-edged music while having instruments that don’t over power the vocals. Fiction Reform is full of energy with a truly distinctive sound. They’ve shared stages with Misfits, Adolescents, Riverboat Gamblers and many more. This band and the talented musicians alone; however, have enough to prove that they’re worth keeping an eye on. Fiction Reform newest album; Take Your Truth, is set to be released this November.

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